Printable Cards for Sunday School

Visitor Welcome Cards, Miss You Cards, and Reminder Cards

Welcome Cards

Missed You Cards

Lamb Post Card

"Please Come Again!"

Thanks for visiting our flock last Sunday. We hope to see you again soon.


Available as a card or postcards.


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Miss You Card

"We Miss You!" Inchworm Card

"A class without you in it is like a puzzle with a missing piece; it’s just not complete."


Before sending this card cut out the right, top puzzle piece and place it inside the card. Have the child's classmates sign the card.


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Dog Card


Puppy Miss You Card


Sunday school just isn't as fun without you. Hope we see you again soon.



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Puppy Easter Invitation Card

Easter Card

Come and find out what Easter is really all about.


Use this card to invite new students to your class or to get your regular students excited about the coming Easter season.


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There will always be room for you. Hope you come back next week!


Printable Welcome Cards for Sunday School


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Bee-lieve Card

Bee-lieve Me! I missed you last week!

Printable Sunday School Cards



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Cat Card


We missed you this week. We would love to SEE you next week!


Printable Cards for Sunday School


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Missed You Ferret Card


We missed you in Sunday school. Hope to SEE you next Sunday!


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Frog Postcard


Don't forget to pray at the beginning of the day! Reminder Postcards


Printable Postcards for Sunday School


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dog card

We missed you very much! Card

Children are instructed to place the card in front of a mirror in order to read the message.

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