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Bats with Moveable Heads Paper Craft for Kids

Bats with Moveable Heads Craft for Kids

These little bats have brass brads for their noses so their heads can be moved from side to side. Pipecleaners are used to make their legs. They are great to use to teach children about different types of bats.

Little brown bat patterns, fruit bat patterns, and bat patterns on which children can draw their own faces are available.

What you will need:

Card stock or brown construction paper

Colored pencils


Black pipecleaners

Brass brad

How to Make the Bats:

1. Print out the patterns or construction paper, color, and cut them out. (Printable Patterns for this craft are availble to members.)

2. Punch holes in the nose and at the top of the body pattern.

3. Attach the head to the body with a brass brad.

4. Cut two inches off of the pipecleaner and folder the remaining longer length in half. Cut the two-inch piece in half. Fold the short piece in half and wind them around the ends of the longer piece to make the bat's feet.

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Stellaluna Bat Craft for Kids

fruit bat craft It is no wonder that "Stellaluna" was voted one of the top 100 picture books of all times in 2012. The charming pictures of the little lost bat and the engaging story make this a great book for children.

Not only is it a great story, it also teaches children about the characteristics of bats and gives interesting facts about bats at the end of the book.

Fruit Bat with Moving Head Craft

Children will enjoy making their own bats out of construction paper. Explain that Stella means "star" in latin and luna is another name for moon. Encourage your children to name their own bats meaningful names. Patterns for this craft are availble to members only.


Bat activity sheet craft for kids

Bat Diagram Color Sheet

This bat diagram goes along great with the story.

Have your children compare the bat's limbs to the bats. Ask them, "How many fingers and toes do bats have? How many do they have?"

Patterns for this craft are availble to members only.


Bat Hands-on Learning Items

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