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How to Make Crafts and Activities Relating to Hannah, Halloween Alternatives, Heart, Helping Hands and Honor


Hannah - God Answers Prayer

Go to the Hannah and Baby Samuel Bible Crafts Page.



Halloween Alternatives

See the Halloween Alternatives Craft and Activity Page for more ideas.



Happiness - Keys to a Happy Heart


Keys to a Happy Heart Bible Lesson

See Keys to a Happy Heart Bible Lesson and Crafts.

We are new subscribers to your web site, and are SOOOOO excited to see the lessons and crafts you have available. We are a very small Sunday School class in a small town church, and are trying to spark a renewed interest in our program. I have printed numerous lessons and crafts to help us in that effort. Thanks to you and all your helpers for the work you do - it is certainly making our jobs easier in the effort to reach children with the Word of God. Sharon Ingrum



Helping Hands - A Lesson About the Good Samaritan


Created to Do Good Things (Helping Hands) Sunday School Lesson

See The Good Samaritan Bible Crafts Page

good samaritan puppet craft
created to do good works craft
Helping Hand Handprint Activity




Friends Honor Each Other Sunday School Lesson

See Honor Bible Crafts and Games Page

Honor Paper Quilt Craft
Quilt coloring Squares
Serve One Another Game