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Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

How to Make Crafts and Activities Relating to Birthday Parties Including:
Veggie Tales Party Ideas, Blue Clues Party Ideas, Ocean/Water Theme
Pary Ideas, and Dinosaur Party Ideas


Veggie Tales Party


Sunday School veggies tale games and craft

1. Pin the Nose on Bob the Tomato - Play like "Pin the Tale on the Donkey" except make a picture of Bob and have the children tape a red nose on him.

2. Make a Veggie Tale Balloon Blind Folded - Use the pattern and directions on the Veggie Tale Page to make these. Print out the eyes, nose, and mouth onto label paper or print them out onto plain paper and roll up tape on the back. Cut Bob's hair out of green construction paper or crepe paper. Blind fold the children and have someone hand them the eyes noses and mouths and let them place them on a balloon or red ball. The child's that looks the best wins.

3. Have a Potato Sack Race

4. Toss the Balloon Cucumber - Buy large long green balloons and fill with water. Draw on the eyes and mouth and play a balloon toss game.

5. Toss the Vegetable in the Basket - Make red or green bean bags and play toss the bean bag. Or buy small red balls and draw or paint Bob the Tomato's face on them and play the same game. Let the children keep the balls.

6. Guess the Weight of a Tomato Door Prize Game - As the children arrive have them pick up a large tomato and guess what it weights. Write all the answers down. At the end of the party weigh the tomato. The child that guesses the closest wins.

7. Relay Race to Put Puzzle Together - You can buy Veggie Tale puzzles at bible book stores

8. Play Hot Tomato - Play the same as Hot Potato except use a tomato. Play Veggie Tale songs. When the music stops the person holding the tomato is out. The person left standing wins.

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1. Draw Bob and Larry on a rectangle cake with tube icing. You can make patterns from the coloring sheets you can get from the Veggie Tales web site (link below)

2. Decorate a round cake as Bob the Tomato or use cupcakes.

Sunday School veggie tale cookies craaft

3. Make Veggie Tale Cookies - see the Cooking Page for recipe and directions.

4. Make Larry by frosting Twinkies with green frosting. Frost on white icing for the eyes and raisins for the pupils!!! - Pam

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Veggie Tale Balloons

1. Decorate with red and green crepe paper.

2. Print out the coloring pages at Big Idea Productions Web Site (link below), color and hand up.

3. Make Veggie Tale Balloons.

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1. Veggie Tale Red Balls (The ones used in the Toss Game)

2. Veggie Tale Coloring Books - Make copies of the coloring pictures from the Big Ideas Web Site put them together to make coloring books. Give them out with new crayons.

Veggie Tale Web Sites and Links:

Big Idea Productions - You can find coloring pages here the you can print out and make invitations.

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1. For invitations you can use the color sheet pictures of Bob, Larry, or Jr. as the cover. You can say something like... "Don't just Veg at home ..." or "PEAs come to my party".
For a craft, have them make puppets with cutouts characters (use the color sheets again).
Play "pin the nose on Larry" or "Hot tomato" (use a stuffed Bob or a tomato pin cushion).

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Blue's Clues



Sunday School blue dog  head balloon craft

1. Pin the Tongue on Blue - Make a large picture of Blue on blue poster board. Have the children play "Pin the tongue on Blue.

2. Play Doggy Doggy Where's Your Bone - Have one child sit in the middle of a circle of children and be the dog. Place a dog bone in front of the child. (You can use real rawhide one). Have the dog close his eyes. One of the children will grab the bone and hide it behind his back. When the bone is hidden, all the children say, "Doggy, Doggy where's your bone? Somebody stole it from your home. The doggy then guesses who stole the bone. If he guesses right, the child that stole the bone is the dog. If he guesses wrong, he is the dog again.

3. Play Doggy Biscuit Games - Hide doggy biscuits in a sand box or around the party area and have the children look for them. Give a prize to the child that finds the most. Drop a doggy biscuit into a bottle. Give a prize to the child who gets the most in. Throw doggy biscuits into a dog dish. Give a prize to the child who gets the most in.

Sunday School puppy paw games

4. Play a Game with Paw Prints - Use the Paw Print Pattern (PDF Pattern) and print out paw prints onto blue paper. Tape paw prints around the party area in conspicuous places. When it comes time for the game have all the children leave the party area (go into a different room) Ask the children's parents to help their child list all the places they remember seeing a paw print. Give a price to the child who can list the most. Or you could have a paw print hunt. Hide the paw prints around the room (place them so they aren't easily seen). Give a prize to the child who finds the most.

5. Give a prize to the child who is wearing the most blue.

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More Great Ideas!

1. Face Painting - Make Blue's ears out of blue material or paper and glue them onto to headbands for the children to wear. Paint their faces with face paint. Paint on blue noses and paw prints.
2. Play "Pin the Flag on the Mail Box".
3. Play a game where Blue has left clues that lead to the birthday cake. Put paw prints on the stove (bake a cake), music box (sing a song), and a candle (candle for a cake).
4. Serve blue Kool-aide and blue bubble gum ice cream. Kathy sent in this tip - Instead of having bubble gum flavored ice cream with a chocolate cake, just get vanilla and color it with blue icing color.
5. Play "Blue says" instead of "Simon says".
6. Play musical chairs to blues music.

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Sunday school blue dog balloon craft

1. Draw Blues doggy faces on blue balloons using a permanent marker. Tape on ears cut from blue construction paper. Draw paw prints onto blue balloons.

2. Tape paw prints or draw paw prints on the ground with wet chalk and make a path to where your party is located.

Check out the Nick Jr. Website where you will find a pattern to make blues clues party hats. Downloadable songs and pictures of paw prints and Blue you can use for your party.

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E-mail comments

Thank you for the Blue's Clue's Birthday party ideas. We actually used this in our preschool Sunday School class. We had so much fun. We put story stickers on the back of the paw prints before we hid them in the class. The children couldn't wait to see what Bible story Blue would like to hear. For our craft, we took four index cards and cut two pieces of yellow construction paper the same size to cover the front and back of the cards. We then punched holes in the top and laced pipe cleaners through the top to make it look like a spiral bound notepad. I then made small red "thinking chairs" for them to glue on the front. As we found each clue, the children were given a sticker that was the same as on the bottom of each of the paw prints to place in their "notebooks." It was a wonderful day. The children were so excited that I told them we would have another! Blue's Clue's day in the future. Thanks again!

I had a Blues Clues party where we played Blues Clues to find out what Blue wanted everyone to take home from the party. Each child was given a Handy Dandy Notebook and during the course of the party they came upon 3 clues; a T-shirt, some handprints and fabric paints. I had prepared T-shirts ahead of time with each childs name, the date and a small picture in the upper left on the front of the t-shirt (some hearts or a sailboat). Then after they found the clues we put fabric paint on some aluminum foil and had the kids put hand prints on their t-shirts. It was a fun time for all and each took home a keepsake. IT was a nice alternative to goody bags. It required a little prep time on my part, but was not overwhelming. And the kids had a great time. Jessica Pragada, San Jose, CA



Ocean/Water Theme Birthday



Cup Fish Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

1. Set up a small wading pool filled with water. Have the children squirt ping pong ball across the water with squirt guns.

2. Toss game - Set up a toy net in a corner of the room. Have the children toss bean bag fish into the net.

3. Treasure hunt in the sand - Hide small toys in a small wading filled with sand. Give each child a bucket and shovel and see who can find the most toys.

4. Make paper cup fish. Go to the Under The Sea Crafts Page for directions to this craft.

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1. Make a stuffed fish toy - See the Material Page for directions and ordering information.

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Dinosaur Birthday



Sunday School dinosaur feet race game

1. Dinosaur Feet Race - Before the party make dinosaur feet from boxes (see the Dinosaur Page) and then have the children race with the feet on.

2. Dinosaur Egg Hunt - Make dinosaur eggs from balloons with treats inside, hide them, and have a race to see who can find the most eggs. The Enchanted Learning web site has directions to make paper maché eggs using balloons. They are kind of time consuming. You could use these as treat bags handing them out as the children leave or if you don't want to spend a lot of time making eggs, use can use the plastic Easter eggs and just paint them dinosaur colors with spray paint. This craft could also be used to make a dinosaur egg pinata. You could also hide toy dinosaurs inside a play dough like mixture. Hide the eggs in a sand box and have the children excavate the dinosaur eggs and crack them open. For a recipe to make these dinosaur eggs go to the Kid's Craft Recipe Factory. You will find the recipe under Doughs and Clays. Use the recipe for indoor sandcastle stuff.

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If you have a sidewalk leading to your house use chalk to draw dinosaur footprints that lead to your front door.

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Birthday Gifts and Goody Bag Ideas

My granddaughter is turning 2 this coming week. She loves to do crafts with her mother. I decided to fill 31 brown paper lunch sacks with a craft idea (including all the things she would need), one for each day of the month. I stapled the directions on each bag. Now, she gets to pick a different bag each day to spend some quality time with Mommy.

*These would also make great goody bags to hand out to your guests.

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ZoomDinosaurs.com - Here's a great dinosaur page with lots of printouts, crafts and activities for different ages, and links to other dinosaur pages.