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Cat-in-the Hat, The Lorax Crafts, and The Grinch


The Lorax 3D Story Scene

The Lorax craft

What you will need:

Card stock (Heavy paper), whole peanut, paint, paint brush, pipe cleaners, pompoms, glue, play dough or clay, scissors, and colored pencils.

How to Make the 3D Scene:

1. Print out the Box Pattern (PDF Pattern) and color it. Cut out the pattern on the dark lines. (Printing Problems?)

2. Paint a peanut to look like the Lorax and let it dry.

3. Assemble the display box. Fold Tabs A and B forward. Glue and tape Tabs A to the front and back of the box. Fold down the front and back flaps towards the inside of the box, glue and tape them down.

4. Press play dough into the bottom of the box and then press the peanut Lorax into the play dough.

5. Make truffula trees by gluing pompoms to pipe cleaners and stick them in the clay to finish your display.

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Poseable Lorax Cup Craft for Kids

Posable Lorax Cup Craft for kids

What you will need: Two, Orange 9 oz. party cups, yellow and orange feathers, black permanent marker, glue, orange pompom, orange paper or craft foam, and scissors.

How to Make a Poseable Lorax:

1. Cut yellow feathers to make the shape of the eyebrows and mustache and glue them to an up-side-down cup.

2. Draw eyes on white paper, cut them out, and glue them on the face. Glue on the orange pompom for the nose and draw in a mouth.

3. To make the legs cut the top off the other cup about one inch down from the rim. Color in a black triangle shape to make it look like the Lorax has legs.

4. Draw the arms and feet on orange paper or craft foam, cut them out, and glue them to the cups.

5. To finish place the body cup on top of the leg cup. Move the top cup to pose the Lorax.

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The Lorax Cup Craft

The Lorax Cup Craft for KidsWhat you will need: Orange 9 oz. party cup, yellow and orange paper, black permanent marker, glue, orange pompom, orange feathers, yellow and black pipe cleaners, and a feather boa.

How to Make a Lorax:

1. Draw the Lorax's mustache on yellow paper, cut it out, and glue it to the cup.

2. Draw the arms and feet on orange paper, cut them out, and glue them to the cup.

3. Draw eyes on white paper, cut them out, and glue them on.

posable Lorax cup craft4. Glue the orange pompom on for the nose. Use a black permanent marker to draw in the eye brows and other features.

5. To make the Truffula Tree cut the pipe cleaners in half and wind one half of the black pipe cleaner and one half of the yellow pipe cleaner around each other. Cut a piece of the boa about five inches long. Wind the end of one pipe cleaner around one end of the boa to secure. Then wind the boa around the pipe cleaners. Wind the other pipe cleaner around the other end of the boa. Glue the tree to the Lorax's hand.

6. You can also add legs to your Lorax so that you can put him in different poses. (See directions above.)

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Truffula Tree Activity Sheet

Truffula Tree Activity SheetWhat you will need: Crayons or colored pencils, glue, feather boas, or feathers, scissors, and paper.

How to Make a Truffula Tree Activity Sheet:

1. Print out the Activity Sheet (PDF Pattern).

2. Color the picture and then cut short lengths of the feather boas and glue them to the trees.

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Cat-in-the-Hat Pop Bottle Craft for Kids

Cat in the Hat soda pop bottle craftWhat you will need: Empty 2 liter soda bottle, 16 oz. white craft foam or cardboard, black spray paint or acrylic paint, two rubber bands, white and red acrylic paint, black permanent marker, red material for bow, black fake fur for the tail, glue gun, old white athletic sock, fiber fill, large Styrofoam glass, and scissors.

How to Make the Cat in the Hat Craft:

1. Rinse out the soda bottle and fill it with dry sand and replace the cap. Spray paint the bottle black or paint it with black acrylic paint. Paint the chest area white.

2. Place a rubber band on the foot of the sock about half way between the toe and heel of the sock. The toe of the sock is the top of the head. There will be extra sock material at the top of his head, but this will be covered up by his hat. Fill the heel of the sock with fiber fill to just below the cuff of the sock. Place the head on the top of the bottle with the cuff of the sock covering the top of the bottle. Use a rubber band to secure it to the bottle. Cut off any excess material.


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3. Print out the Arms and Ear Patterns (PDF Pattern) and use them to cut shapes from craft foam or cardboard. Add black details to the ears and arms and glue the arms to the body and ears to the head.

4. To make the hat preheat your oven to 250 degrees.

5. Place the Styrofoam cup, open side down, on an old cookie sheet. Turn on the oven light so you can see inside the oven. As soon as you see the cup start to melt, in about 15 to 30 seconds or maybe a little longer, open the oven door and pick up the cup. Gently push in on some parts of the cup and press out from the inside on others to make the hat look a little bumpy. The cup cools very quickly so try to keep it inside the oven as you work. Keep putting the cup back in the oven and taking it out until you have the shape you want. You can only shape the cup a little at a time. The cup is not hot, but be very careful not to touch the sides of the oven. This seems like it is hard but it really is pretty easy. Make sure you turn on your oven vent and you have your windows open because the fumes from the melting cups probably aren't good to breath in. If your cups are melting too fast to work with them, turn down the heat in your oven.

hat diagram6. To make the brim of the hat trace around the top of the cup on a piece of white craft foam and then draw a bigger circle about one inch more in diameter around that circle. Cut out around the large circle. Don't cut out the middle of the circle, but cut slits in the middle circle from the center of the circle to the outside as shown in the picture to the left. Fold up the wedges made from the slits and glue them to the inside of the cup to make the brim. Paint red stripes on the top of the hat as shown in the picture. Glue the hat on the cat's head.

7. To finish tie a red ribbon around the cats neck. Cut a tail from fake fur and glue it to the back of the bottle. Place the end of the tail in the cat's hand. Draw on a nose and mouth, and cut eyes from white fun foam and draw in the iris with a black marker.

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The Grinch Milk Jug Christmas Craft

Grinch Milk Jug Craft www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need: Plastic milk jug, green spray paint, yellow acrylic paint, green craft foam, black Sharpie (permanent marker) and a Santa hat.

How to Make The Grinch Milk Jug Christmas Craft:

1. Spray paint the entire milk jug with green paint.

2. Use a Sharpie to draw in the mouth, eyes, and nose. Paint the eyes yellow.

3. Cut hand and arm shapes from green craft foam. Trace your own hands but make the fingers longer and pointier.

4. Display your Grinch. If you have snow in your area, you can make the Grinch look like he is covered with snow with only his hands and head sticking out. Just pile up a bunch of snow where the body would be. If you don't have snow, you can place the Grinch on a wall so that it looks like he is peeking over. Or make him look like he is coming out of a Christmas present as pictured above.

Don't forget to read Dr. Seuss's classic book "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and watch Jim Carrey's movie "The Grinch".

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