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Preschool Pajama Party (Ages 2-K)

The following ideas come from Kathy Foster River of Praise Church - Tomball, Tx


Invitations and flyers were sent out to all parents of children ages 2-K. They were told to wear their favorite pj's, bring a sleeping bag or favorite blankie and their favorite stuffed animal. Upon arriving we served the kids and their parents pancakes and juice. We showed the Veggie Tale video, "Where's God When I'm Scared?" on the wall while everyone ate.




Bed Buddy Chariot Races

Divide into 2 teams. The children place their teddy bear (bed buddy) on the sleeping bag and drag him around an obstacle course and back, tagging the next person in line. If their bed buddy falls off the bag, they have to stop and put him back on the sleeping bag.



Pillowcase Hop

Divide into 2 teams. It's just like potato sack races but you use old pillowcases.



Beddy Time Relay

Divide into 2 teams. Spread out a robe, slippers, teddy bear and sleeping bag approx. 10-15 ft. apart. The first person in line runs and puts on the robe, runs and puts on the slippers, picks up the teddy bear, then runs and lies down on the sleeping bag and makes 3 loud snoring sounds. They then run back leaving these articles where they picked them up from. (You may have to have an adult run beside the 2 yr. reminding them what to do and keeping them focused! ha ha..it can be really funny as they may start to wander off course)





Sleepy Time Sweets

For each child you will need: 1 frosted cupcake, 1 Mentos candy, thin icing gel in a tube, fruit-striped gum (This idea came from Family Fun magazine) Use the Mentos candy for the face. Cut the fruit-striped gum in half. Cut one of the halves in half, lengthwise to make the arms. The large half is for the body. Use the gel icing to make dots for eyes, a mouth and hair. The fruit striped-gum looks like little jammies!





Peewee Pajama-Rama

This was a pajama fashion show. It was great! I had some dark blue gossamer with silver stars on it that I used as a backdrop. (perfect for the "night-night" theme) This was draped over a PVC pipe frame. We had some gathered and tied to the side, with some hanging in the background too. We rolled out long white background paper about 15ft. and taped it to the floor, coming out of the curtains and backdrop. I then taped Christmas light down the edges of the paper creating a lighted runway. I also then ran lights around the PVC frame. The sign over the top read, "Pee Wee Pajama-Rama Fashion Show" It had little pajamas painted on it and a big silver star. We played music and had an M/C who announced their names and described their fashions. It was adorable!!! We took lots of pictures and even the boys strutted their stuff! At the end, we sat in a large circle and I asked for the children who have bad dreams to raise their hands. We then had the CHILDREN pray for each other and I talked about how Jesus loves us and watches over us and gives us peace if we will call on Him for help.




I gave away 2 Jr. Asparagus (Veggie Tales) toys. One for a boy, one for a girl. I bought them at Wal-mart. He has a night cap on and his eyes light up and glow when you press on his tummy and he hums the song "God Is Bigger Than the Boogie Man" (from the video we watched) I also gave away glow in the dark dinosaurs, & lizards for the boys, plus other little stuff. The girls got matching glowing gel rings and bracelets and some other little stuff.

It was so much fun and they were so cute! The parents had as much fun as the kids.