Survivor: Jesus Rescued Me!


Parent's Night Out

The following ideas were sent in by Kathy Foster of River of Praise Church, TX

7:00 - 7:15 - Eat Happy Meals! Song: Happy, Happy Hearts

Break the children up into age groups and teams. Hand out different colors of bandanas for each team.

7:20 - 7: 40 - Make Tribal headdress and battle cry - Have the kids decorate their bandanas with markers. (Tell the children they can't participate without their bandana on.

Have teams come up with their own tribal battle cry.

7:45 - 7:50 - Challenge #1 -Boomerang Bonus - Have the children throw boomerangs towards targets on the floor. The child who throws the boomerang closest to the bulls eye wins a candy bar and one for his best bloke! (Have a prize available for the winner of each age group) If you can't find boomerangs, use Frisbees that match each team's color of bandana. Targets were hula hoops.

Song: Survivor Theme (song #1 on CD) I bought the official Survivor sound track at Wal-mart Everyone can dress in shorts, T-shirts, ragged shorts, bandanas, etc. You can get real elaborate with jungle decorating. I didn't get too radical because it was such a late hour and we didn't want a major clean up.

7:55 - 8:05- Challenge #2 - Shark Attack! Tape animals graphics (kangaroos, koalas, crocodiles and three sharks) to the floor. Place a tire next to each graphic.(10 tires) I used rigid leather steering wheel covers that I found in the Dollar store. (They look just like a bike tire) Tires would be too large for the little to run through, so we used these like in an obstacle course. (If you put it inside the tire, the kids can slide on them or they tear up) The object of the game is to run as fast as you from tire to tire to the finish line without stepping into a tire with a shark pictures next of it. Even though the kids could see the graphics and think they can "miss" stepping into the shark tires, only two kids actually did it without stepping into a shark tire.

Song: Shark Attack! - This is a cool song that many youth will know from going to camp, it was perfect, the kids loved it. This song is probably not readily available. If you can't find it you can play the "Jaws" theme song.

8:05 - 8:15 - Campfire! Learn a memory verse and eat a s'mores! So we didn't have to heat the s'mores, we used cinnamon graham crackers, with marshmallow crème on one side and Jiff Chocolate Silk on the other side. Delicious!

Memory verse: "Call on Me in the time of trouble and I will rescue you" Psalms 50:15

Lesson: Elijah (could be any number of lessons, Israel in the Egypt, Noah, etc.)

8:20 - 8:35 - Challenge #3 - Quicksand Stand - Give each member a paper plate. They must stand with both feet on the paper plate while looking up at the ceiling. If they step off the plate with even one foot, they are out because this means they have stepped in quicksand. Have them lift one leg up, arch back, squat, etc. Plus, if they talk, they are out!

Give a prize to winner of each age group. (Play more music from Survivor sound track)

8:40 - 9:00 - Praise

9:05 - 9:20 - Challenge #4 - Snack Attack! Have different types of food such as candy, veggies, spinach broccoli, baby food, sardines, onions, horseradish, sitting on the floor on a grid with numbers on it. Have the kids draw numbers out of a sack that match the numbers on the grid. They have to eat the food and keep it down without hurlin'! Give special prizes for this one!

9:25 - 9:50 - Video - Escape From the Forbidden Matrix (Odyssey) hand out drinks & popcorn!

9:55 - 10:00 -Challenge #5 - Tootsie Pop Test. Have all kids sit in circles according to tribes. Give each child a Tootsie pop sucker. The challenge is to lick it all the way down without biting it!

10:00 -Award big door prizes

Tribe Names

Nursery: Waa Waa Tribe

2& 3yrs: Eagle Tribe

4yrs-K : Destiny Tribe

1st gr. - 3rd gr: Judah Tribe

4th & 5th gr. : Overcomer Tribe

We showed the video on the wall with our Power Point projector. We asked questions about the Bible

Verse, lesson, etc. on the Power Point. It was a blast! The kids didn't want to go home!The music really added to the experience!

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