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How to Make Crafts and Activities Relating to Health
Including: Teeth, Food Pyramid, and the Skeletal System


Brush Your Teeth Talking Puppet

Use this puppet to teach children about teeth, brushing their teeth, flossing, or as a fun craft. (See suggestions below.)

Brush Your Teeth PuppetWhat you will need: 12 oz. foam or plastic bowls (two for each child), tacky glue, hot melt glue gun, feathers and/or tissue paper, googly eyes or sticker eyes, pompoms for the noses, construction paper or fun foam for tongues, and paper towel tubes.

Puppet diagram 1How to make:

1. Before class glue two-12 oz. foam bowls together using 1" square pieces of fun foam. Place the bowls together one on top of the other. Glue the 1" square piece of fun foam to the edge of the top bowl and to the bottom bowl forming a hinge as shown in the picture at the right.

Puppet Diagram 22. To make the handle cut 1"-slits about 1/2" apart all the way around one end of a paper towel tube as shown in the picture at the right. Fold out the cut tabs and place glue on each of the tabs. Press them down to the bottom of one of the bowls. If you don't have paper towel tubes, you can just roll up pieces of card stock or construction paper to make tubes. When children hold the puppet by the handle and move it up and down the mouth opens and closes.

3. Hair - You can use tissue paper or feathers for the hair. If you are going to use tissue paper, cut or rip it into 2" x 2" pieces. Pour tacky glue in cups. Show your children how to crinkle up the tissue paper, dip it in the glue, and then press it onto the top of a bowl to make hair.

Talking Puppet4. Feathers are much easier to use than the tissue paper and a lot less messy. If you are going to use feathers poke tiny holes in the top of one of the bowls with a toothpick or large needle. In class have your children push feathers into the holes to make hair. (I used eleven feathers on the pink Mr. Mouth craft.)

5. Glue on googly eyes and pompoms for nose and ears. You can cut tongue shapes from construction paper or fun foam to glue inside the bowls. Your children may also want to add ears. Just follow the link and type in the appropriate number in the search box on the left to find the eyes.

6. Have your children cut teeth shapes from white card stock, construction paper, or fun foam sheets and glue them to the inside of the bowls for teeth.

Learning Activities Ideas for this craft:

1. Singing Puppet - Have your children make the mouth of the puppet open and close by holding the puppet by the handle and moving their hands up and down as you play "Brush Your Teeth" from the Singable Songs For The Very Young: Great With A Peanut-Butter Sandwich CD.

2. Study teeth, their names and placement and then have your children cut teeth from paper or fun foam and place them in the puppets mouth according to a diagram.

3. Learn about flossing - Give each of your children a piece of string and tell them to floss their puppets teeth.

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"Brush Your Teeth"Toothbrush-Shaped Book

Toothbrush shape bookWhat you will need: Construction paper, printer paper, scissors, stapler, and markers.

How to make:

1. Print out the Handle Pattern (PDF Pattern) onto construction paper or colored paper. Cut out the pattern. Fold the two ends on the dotted lines in towards the center of the pattern. Fold the center folded line to make a long rectangle. (Note: To make folding easier trace over the dotted lines with a pen and ruler before folding.) (Printing Problems?)

2. Print out the Bristle Patterns (PDF Pattern) and cut them apart. Place them one on top of the other and staple them inside the toothbrush handle. Staple or glue the rest of the handle closed. (Printing Problems?)

3. Have your children write their names on the toothbrush book.

4. Instruct your children to take their brushes home. Every time they brush their teeth they should tear out one page of the book from the appropriate day. Tell them to bring their brushes back when they have torn out all the bristle pages.

Note: Instead of having them tear out the pages, you can have them put stars on the days that they brush their teeth.

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Other Tooth Fairy Books

Tooth Treasure Hunt Learn-to-Read Activity

1. Read the Book 'Tooth Fairy's First Night" by Anne Bowen.

In the book Sally, a seven-year-old tooth fairy, is excited because it is her first night as a real tooth fairy. Her parents give her her very own tooth fairy purse and send her off with encouragement and reminders of the tooth fairy rules.

When Sally gets to her first assignment she finds an unexpected letter. A clever little girl wrote the letter to find out if tooth fairies really do exist. The first note is just the first clue on how to find the tooth she has hidden somewhere in her room.

Although it takes some time and patience the little tooth fairy figures out the clues and finally finds the hidden tooth. But the little fairy is as clever as the sleeping child. When the child wakes up she finds that the tooth fairy has left a note for her and that she has to go on a treasure hunt to find the tooth.

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Learning Activity:

1. Reading - Have your child read the notes to the Tooth Fairy or pick out the words he or she recognizes.

2. Writing - Help your child make his own tooth fairy treasure hunt.

3. Creative Play - Have your child pretend to be a tooth fairy. Hide a tooth somewhere in your house and make up a tooth fairy treasure hunt. Give him or her a small container to hold the tooth and the first clue, and then send him or her off to find the tooth.

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What's Under Your Pillow?

This story is created by a series of letters a little girl named Emma writes to the Tooth Fairy. She leaves her first tooth for the Tooth Fairy but decides she wants it back because she wants to show her Grandfather. The Tooth Fairy responds to her request, but keeps bringing back the wrong tooth, from very large rhinoceros' teeth to tiny skunk teeth. Each time the animal belonging to the tooth shows up in her bedroom, and Emma writes a letter to the Tooth Fairy requesting the right one.

Learning Activity:

1. Learn About Comparisons - This is a great book to learn about comparisons, big, bigger, biggest and the difference between different animal's teeth.

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Tooth Fairy Traditions Around The World

mouse sock craft for kids www.daniellesplace.comLearn about different "tooth fairy" traditions in countries around the world and make El Ratón Peréz, the mouse tooth fairy. Go to the Tooth Fairy Crafts and Learning Activities for directions.

Tooth fairy mouse craft

The Tooth Fairy Meets El Ratón Pérez

The Tooth Fairy and El Ratón Pérez show up at the same house and both claim the same tooth. In their fight to claim their prize, the tooth is lost and the Tooth Fairy and El Ratón Pérez have to work together to retrieve it. Go to the Tooth Fairy Crafts and Learning Activities for directions



Eating Healthy Interactive Food Pyramid Game

Brush Your Teeth Puppet Food Pyramid Cards

Food Pyramid Game Board

Spin the arrow and collect food to feed your toothy bowl puppet. If you land on "Sweet", you can collect a sweet, but you have to do ten pushups! The player that collects at least one item from every food group first wins.

This game can also be used to review which foods belong to which food group and how much of each food group should be eaten.

Patterns and directions for this game are available to members only.

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Other Teeth Learning Activities

Teaching - This web site has some great activities to teach children about dental health, the placement of their teeth, activities to teach them words relating to teeth, the effects of not taking care of their teeth, and much more.

Healthy Eating Pyramid Printable -

USDA - -


Skeleton Crafts and Activities

Label the Skeleton Activity Sheet Moveable Skeleton Craft

Label the Skeleton Activity Sheet

(This Activity Sheet is Available to Members)

Moveable Skeleton Craft

(This Activity Sheet is Available to Members)


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