Witness Questions

1. You are arrested for preaching about Jesus. You are placed under house arrest with guards watching you day and night. But you can still spread God's message. How can you witness?

2. Paul travelled from city to city telling people the Good News. Who did Paul preach to?

3. Complete the verse. All your words are _______. Psalm 119:160

4. Paul told the Good News to anyone who would listen. What was the Good News he preached?

5. Complete the verse. Teach me your ________, O Lord. Psalm 27:11

6. When Paul saw that the people in Athens were worshipping many Gods made of gold, silver, and stone, he took the opportunity to tell them about his God. What could you tell the people about your God?

7. Paul witnessed to people in many ways. Name 3 ways you can witness to others.

8. Finish the verse: My words shall never ________ _______. Matthew 24:35

9. Finish the verse. The word of our God _______ _______. Isaiah 40:8

10. Paul went from city to city telling people about Jesus. Name 3 places where you can tell others about Jesus today.

11. Paul went from city to city telling anyone who would listen about Jesus. Name 3 people you can tell about Jesus today.

12. Paul studied the scriptures as a young man. Name 3 ways you can study the bible today.

13. When Paul entered a new city to witness he usually waited until what day to go to the temple and preach.

14. When Paul entered a new city to witness he usually waited until the Sabbath and went where to preach.

Experience Cards

1. The Jewish leaders start talking against you telling everyone that you are lying and don't know what you are talking about. The people form a mob and chase you out of town. Leave the town you are in and head for another town.

2. After preaching many days in the temple. You learn of a plot of the Jewish leaders to stir up a mob and stone you so you leave the city right away. Leave the town you are in and head for a new town.

3. You pray for a crippled man and he is healed. Go directly to the local temple.

4. You arrived in the city on Monday so you wait until the sabbath and then go to the temple to preach. Lose a turn and then go directly to the temple to witness.

5. While praying the Holy Spirit tells you to leave the city at once because your life is in danger. Leave town and go to another city.

6. You are thrown into prison for preaching. Lose a turn.

7. While praying you have a vision of a man asking you to come to Berea to help the people there. Go directly to the entrance of Berea.

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