Blackeye, the Sailor Dog

Blackeye, the Sailor Dog


This is a series of puppet skits for interaction between one adult "straight man" and a puppet with one black eye and long arms with Velcro at the hands. Blackeye loves to sail around the world and these are some of the lessons he has learned!

Adult: (arms of puppet already surrounding you) I'm so glad you came to visit us,
Blackeye! So will you sing us your song, Blackeye?

Blackeye: Sure! Uh . . . well . . . uh . . . (whispers in your ear) I can't sing!

Adult: That's okay, Blackeye. I don't sing well either. But I like to make "a joyful noise
unto the Lord", like the Bible says! I have an idea. Blackeye, this IS music practice! Maybe the boys and girls here could help us!

Blackeye: Hey, that's an idea! I like my song. It's just, well, you know, I don't sing so
well. (turning to the boys and girls) Will you help me? You probably know the
melody-the words are over there. (motions to where the words are)

Adult: Sure we can sing with you. Come on boys and girls. (start the music of "Popeye
the Sailor Man", changing the words to the following: "I'm Blackeye the Sailor
Dog, I'm Blackeye the Sailor Dog, I live on a big ship, I love to go cruisin',
I'm Blackeye the Sailor Dog!"

Blackeye: Hey, they sounded great! Do you think they could go with me and sing my
song where ever I go? Huh, huh?

Adult: Blackeye, the boys and girls do sound wonderful, but they are here at (your
church's name) to practice their songs!

Blackeye: (startled) Oh, yeah? Is that why everybody's here?

Adult: Yep! These boys and girls really want to learn to share Good News while they are

Blackeye: Good News? Good News? What good news? I love good news? Tell me, tell

Adult: I'm glad you're excited, Blackeye, 'cause this is the BEST Good News you'll ever

Blackeye: Come on, come on, tell me!

Adult: It's just this, Blackeye (say very deliberately, slowly): Jesus loves me.

Blackeye: (looking puzzled) That's the Good News?

Adult: and you. Jesus loves me and you.

Blackeye: (still looking puzzled) Why is that Good News?

Adult: Because nobody else could love me or you like God does.

Blackeye: Well, my Mom loves me, my Dad loves me, my friends love me . . .

Adult: (breaks in) Yes, I'm sure they do, Blackeye. But God loves us even when we are
doing bad things, even when we are not very loveable.

Blackeye: I'm loveable!

Adult: Yes, you are! But you still need to know God loves you even when you don't
always love Him.

Blackeye: (beginning to understand) Oh, you mean, I don't have to be perfect before God
loves me?

Adult: That's right, Blackeye! God loves you just the way you are! In fact, He loved you
so much that He died for you.

Blackeye: Wow, I didn't know anyone would do something like that for just me! I don't
feel like I deserve it!

Adult: I'm glad you're honest, Blackeye. You're right. You don't deserve to have Christ
love you so much that He died for you. I don't deserve it, either. But He did just
that. Even when I was nasty and did mean things, and pulled my sister's hair, He
died for me because He loved me.

Blackeye: Pretty cool! So doesn't everyone need to know that Jesus loves them?

Adult: Yes, they do, Blackeye. That's where you come in. I thought you would want to
tell everyone on your cruise, as you travel around the world, that Jesus loves
them. Would you like to do that?

Blackeye: Yes, I would! I'll report back next time I see you to let you know how people
respond to my Good News!

Adult: Let's sing Blackeye's Song one more time. (repeat song).



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Written by Barbara Robinson
Danielle’s Place of Crafts and Activities

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