Super Sparky

Super Sparky

A Wrinkles and Sparky Puppet Skit
Making Life Application of Mark 4:35-41, Jesus Calms the Storm


Note: Sparky should appear wearing a cape with an "S" on it-one can be made simply with a piece of fabric, a safety pin, and a permanent marker-it should look handmade anyway.

Sparky: [flying onto stage from below, going back and forth] Zzzzoooomm!
Zzzzoooomm! Here I come to save the day! It's Super Sparky! I'm so great…and
I'm here to prevent your fate! Zzzzoooom! Zzzzoooomm!

Wrinkles: [approaching from below] Hey, Sparky! What's up?

Sparky: [pausing only momentarily] You mean, what's down? Your zipper's down!

Wrinkles: [looks down]

Sparky: Ha, ha, made you look! I can fly! Look at me! I can fly! I'm going to rescue the

Wrinkles: [sounding amused] Really? How do you think you're going to do that?

Sparky: [still exuberant] See my cape? [flips around to let his cape show] I'm Super
Sparky! I'm so great…and I'm here to prevent your fate! Zzzzoooomm!

Wrinkles: Okay, Sparky. Let's try a test of your powers.

Sparky: [bouncing up and down] Yes, yes. Give me a try!

Wrinkles: Let's suppose I fall down and break my leg as I leave here. What will you do?

Sparky: I'll…uh…[talking fast] I'll call 9-1-1 and get the Emergency Squad to come and
get you.

Wrinkles: Very good, Sparky. But what did Super Sparky do?

Sparky: Oh, I'm not doing those kind of things. My mission is to rescue the WHOLE

Wrinkles: Okay, Sparky. Let's give you another test. Ready?

Sparky: Yep-bring it on!

Wrinkles: Let's suppose…the house catches fire. Now what will you do?

Sparky: [talking fast] I'll call the fire department. Then I'll rescue the cat. Then I'll help
the firemen put out the fire.

Wrinkles: That's very good, Sparky. But what did you do to put out the fire?

Sparky: But I'm not here to put out fires. I'm here to save the WHOLE WORLD!

Wrinkles: Let's try another one.

Sparky: Okay.

Wrinkles: The tornado siren sounds while we're at school. What will you do?

Sparky: [talking fast] I'll follow Mrs. Evans downstairs to the basement, bend over and
cover my head!

Wrinkles: Very good, Sparky. But what did you do to stop the tornado?

Sparky: But I'm not here to stop tornadoes. I'm here to save the WHOLE WORLD!

Wrinkles: Maybe I'm misunderstanding you, Sparky. How will you save the whole world
if you can't fly me to the hospital when I've got a broken leg, or blow out fires,
or stop tornadoes in their paths?

Sparky: I don't know…I just want to fly and zoom around and rescue people!
Zzzzoooomm! Zzzzoooomm!

Leader: Hi, guys! I couldn't help overhearing your conversation. Sparky, you'd like to
be powerful and really be Super Sparky, wouldn't you?

Sparky: Yea! I'd do a good job, too!

Leader: I'm sure you would, Sparky! Do either of you remember the Bible story of when
Jesus calmed the storm?

Wrinkles: Yes, I do! That's a really awesome story.

Sparky: Me, too. I remember. We just studied that story in Bible class.

Leader: Jesus showed us He had power over the storm. Even the wind and the waves
obeyed Him. So what does this story show us about Jesus?

Wrinkles: Jesus has power over nature!

Sparky: Yes, and I know why-Jesus is the Son of God.

Leader: I think you fellows have got it! Very good! Do you remember our Bible verse?

Sparky/Wrinkles: Uh, uh [hesitate]

Leader: Maybe the boys and girls could help us. [turns to boys and girls]

Together repeat today's verse.

Sparky: I'm still going to save the WHOLE WORLD! Zzzzoooomm! Bye boys and girls,
bye Wrinkles. [zooms off]

Wrinkles: Bye, Sparky, bye boys and girls. [exits]

All: Bye! See you next week!



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