Two Friends

Written by Barbara Robinson


This puppet script is for 2 dog puppets. It helps if one of them has long arms (to hug). This takes about 4 minutes to perform.

Leader: I know two guys who have been friends for a long time. Would you like to meet them?

[Wrinkles and Sparky appear-bark, shout, talk]

Leader: Hey, fellas, there are some people here who would like to meet you.

[Wrinkles and Sparky stop abruptly, sounding surprised.]

Wrinkles: Where? (Looks all around)

Leader: Right here. Say hi to Wrinkles, boys and girls.

Boys and girls: Hi, Wrinkles!

[Wrinkles acts pleased.]

Leader: And this is his best friend, Sparky!

[Sparky barks.] Howdy, pardners!

Boys and girls: Hi, Sparky!

Leader: So what have you been up to guys?

Wrinkles: Playin'! [Go back and forth as if playing with each other]

Sparky: [As if out of breath, panting] And talkin'!

Wrinkles: You know, personal stuff! Stuff I can't tell anyone else.

Sparky: Yep, 'cause we're friends! [Gets close to Wrinkles, gives a little hug]

Leader: Yes, I know you want to share your thoughts and feelings with each other, because you're friends, right?

Wrinkles and Sparky: [Nodding] Yep!

Wrinkles: [Grabs toy and begins to play with it in front of Sparky] This is really cool!

Sparky: [Excitedly jumping up and down] I wanna play, too!

Wrinkles: It's mine. It's all for me.

Sparky: [Hurt, head hanging, speaks to leader] I thought he was my friend!

Leader: Yes, Wrinkles. I thought you were friends with Sparky. Don't friends share?

Wrinkles: [sullenly, stubbornly] Nope.

Leader: [firmly scolding] Wrinkles. Do you remember what your Bible School teacher said?

[Wrinkles shakes head no.]

Leader: She quoted from the Bible. Boys and girls, let's remind Wrinkles of the first part of our memory verse. [all say together] "This is my command: Love each other as I have loved you."

Leader: So Wrinkles, what does that mean to you?

Wrinkles: [looks up] I had forgotten about that verse. [Hesitantly] It means Jesus loves me, so I should love Sparky, and I could do that by sharing.

Leader and Sparky: Yes!

Leader: [to boys and girls] Does he understand?

Boys and girls: Yes!

Wrinkles and Sparky play happily for a moment, then exit.

Leader: Bye, guys, see you next week!

[Wrinkles and Sparky peek back.] Bye! Nice meeting all of you!

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