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Termite with Moving Mandibles Paper Craft for Kids

Termite Paper Craft with Moving Mandibles from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need: Card Stock (Heavy Paper), Chenille Stems, Brass Fastener, Tape and Glue


What to do:

1. Print out the termite patterns.

Member's Termite Pattern

Instant Digital Download Instand Digital Download Termite Pattern

2. After studying termites have your children color the patterns to look like a termite.

3. Punch holes in the mandibles and in the center of the head. Secure the mandibles to the underside of the head with a brass fastener.

4. Tape Chenille stems to the underside of one of the patterns for legs and antennae, and then glue the other pattern over the other pattern to cover the Chenille stems. Leave the top of the head open so that the mandibles move. Glue the mouth (the protrustion at the top of the head) closed.

5. Bend the Chenille stems to form legs.

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