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Bible Crafts and Games for Kids - E

Bible Crafts and Games for Children's Church and Children's Ministry including: Easter, Egyptian/Egypt, Elijah, Esther, and Ezekiel.



Christian Easter/Palm Sunday Crafts and Activities


Easter Crafts - Page 1

Easter Cross Craft - "For God so Loved the World" Cross Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

Easter Egg Top - Craft and Game for Sunday School

"For God So Loved the World" Heart Cross Craft

Glowing Cross Craft

New Life Butterfly Foam Confetti Craft

"New Life" Butterfly Picture

Egg Shell Confetti Craft

Easter Story Eggs

Hosanna Egg Coloring Sheet

Jelly Bean Poem - Christian

Jesus Ascending to Heaven Craft

Jesus Ascends Activity Sheet

Religious Story of Easter Spinner Game

Easter Windsock Easter Craft

Easter and Palm Sunday Bible Lessons

Colors of Easter Sand Art Crosses


Easter Crafts - Page 2



Ecclesiastes Sunday School Lesson and Bible Crafts



Egypt/Egyptian Crafts and Activities

Egyptian Bible Crafts for Children's Ministry

Egyptian Costume Craft

Egyptian Headband Craft

Egyptian Bracelet Craft

Egyptian Silver Tape Bracelet Craft

Egyptian Collar (Wesekh) Craft

Egyptian Falcon Amulet Craft for Kids

Egyptian Straw Bracelet Craft

Camel Activity Sheet

Pyramid Craft



Elijah Bible Crafts and Activities for Sunday School

Overview of all Elijah Lessons

1. Elijah Fed by the Ravens

Elijah and the Ravens Free Sample Bible Lesson

"God Will Supply All Our Needs" Bulletin Board Display and Activity Sheet

Giving Raven Paper Plate Craft

Elijah Fed by a Raven Activity Sheet

Bird Hand Puppets

Help the Raven Find Food for Elijah Activity Sheet

Elijah Fed by the Ravens Coloring Sheet

Bible Verse Review Spinner Game for Children

"Four Little Ravens" Printable Itty Bitty Book

Song About Elijah and the Ravens for Sunday School

Sitting Raven Holding a Sign Paper Bible Craft

Raven Paper Bag Craft

Raven Cookies


Elijah and the Widow Bible Lesson and Crafts

2. Elijah and the Widow Sunday School Lesson

Elijah and the Widow Coloring Sheet

Kneading Bread Rhyme

Decorate a Napkin to Place in a Bread Basket

Paper Plate Basket with Bread Craft

Bible Cookbook

Kitchen Experimentation

Make Bread Like the Widow


Elijah and the Prophets of Baal Bible Lesson with Crafts and Activities from www.daniellesplace.com

3. Elijah - The Big Contest

Build Altars

Make Flame Banners

Make an Elijah Picture Story Wheel

Elijah's Altar Bible Verse Review Game

Elijah Picture Story Wheel Craft

Review the Lesson by Placing Pictures in Order



4. God Sends Rain Bible Lesson About Elijah

Elijah Bible Lesson - God Gives Rain on the Earth

Make Rainsticks

Make a Cloud Picture

Quarter Bible Lesson Review Game

Super Easy Rainsticks

Discover How Many Drops of Water Will Fit on the Top of a Quarter

Balloon Raindrops Bible Verse Review Game

Play Bible Verse Review Games with Balloon Raindrops

Raindrop Roundup Review

Elijah Running Man Wheel Craft


Elijah and Elisha Bible Crafts for Children's Ministry from www.daniellesplace.com

5. Elijah and Elisha

Elijah Picture Story Wheel

"God Gives Us Friends" Coloring Sheet Bulletin Board Display

Elijah and the Angel Coloring Sheet

Elijah and Elisha Coloring Sheet

"God Gives Us Friends" Coloring Sheet and Activity

Three-legged Race Activity


6. Elijah - God Gives Us Teachers Bible Crafts

Elijah Bible Lesson Crafts and Activities from www.daniellesplace.com

Color a Picture of Elijah in Chariot with Horses

Elijah and Elisha Puppets to Act Out the Story

Whirlwind Bottle Craft

Elijah Whirlwind Bible Verse Craft

"Great Teacher Awards"

Act out the Rhyme

Elijah Review Game

Elijah Board Game

Elijah Review Drawing Game or Charades Game



Esther Sunday School Lesson Crafts and Activities



Ezekiel Sunday School Crafts and Activities



Memory Cross