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Christian Crafts and Games for Sunday School and Children's Ministry Including: Martin Luther King, Jr, Mary and Martha, Miracles, Moses, and Mother's Day


Martin Luther King, Jr.


Martin Luther King, Jr. Crafts and Learning Activities

Martin Luther King, Jr. Bible Lesson for Children from www.daniellesplace.com

"I Have a Dream Picture with Quote or Bible Verse

"I Have a Dream" Holding Hands Picture

"United in Love" Picture

Segregation Demonstration

Judging Others Demonstration

1956 Atlanta Bus Boycott Picture

"The Crayon Box that Talked" Activity

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Mary and Martha




Miracles - Jesus


Jesus Heals the Blind Man Crafts and Learning Activities

Miracles - Jesus Heals the Blind Man

Jesus Heals the Blind Man Paper Craft

Jesus Heals the Blind Man Game

Jesus Heals My Blindness Activity Sheet

Is it Spiritual or Physical Blindness? Activity



Miracles - Jesus Walks on Water or Jesus Calms the Storm

Jesus Calms the Storm Bible Lesson and Bible Crafts

Jesus Walks on Water Crafts

Jesus Walks on Water Wave Streamers

Jesus Calms the Storm Sunday School Lesson

Act Out "Jesus Calms the Storm"

"Keep Your Eyes on Jesus" Wheel Craft

"Keep Your Eyes on Jesus" Water Strider Game

Shaving Cream Fun

"Keep Your Eyes on the Verse" Bible Verse Review

Jesus Calms The Storm Bible Lesson


Miracles - Miraculous Catch of Fish - Fishers of Men

Miraculous Catch of Fish Craft


Miracles - Peter Finds Coin in Fishes Mouth

Peter finds a coin in the mouth of a fish Bible craft for Children's Ministry from www.daniellesplace.com

Fish Puppet With Coin in its Mouth

Surprise Coin in Fish Activity Sheet

Coin in Fish Activity Sheet

Paper Bag Fish with Coin in its Mouth

Paper Fish Craft with Moving Mouth Craft

Origami Fish with Coin in its Mouth Craft

"Where's the Coin?" Origami Fish Bible Lesson or Bible Verse Review Game

Fishing Game Bible Verse Review Game

Bible Verse Relay



Miracles - Turning Water into Wine

Turning Water into Wine

"Water to Wine Pots"


Miracles - Jesus Heals the Paralytic

Jesus Heals the Paralyzed Man Bible Crafts and Lesson from www.daniellesplace.com

Jesus Heals a Paralytic Bible Lesson

Jesus Heals the Paralytic Craft Stick Bible Craft

3D Bible Scene with House and Crowd

"Bear One Another's Burdens" Bear Paper Craft

"Bear One Another's Burdens" Coloring Sheet

Bible Verse Review Relay Game



Miracles - Jesus Feeds the 5,000

Jesus Feeds the 5,000 Bible lesson for Children from www.daniellesplace.com

Jesus Feeds the 5,000 Bible Lesson

Envelope Basket with Paper Fish and Loaves Craft

Boy Holding a Basket with Fish and Bread Picture

Ant that Hold a Bible Verse Craft

Spoon and Pipe Cleaner Ant Craft for Kids

Make a Basket to Hold Fish and Loaves

"Remove the Ant from the Picnic Basket" Bible Review Game


Miracles - Jesus Heals the Ten Lepers

Jesus Heals the Ten Lepers Bible Crafts

Sad and Happy Leper Paper Doll Puppet

Leper Stick Puppet

"Thank You" Book

Ten Sad Men Activity

Puppet Show

Musical Chairs Thank You Game




Missionary Journeys

See Witnessing - Missions Page



Moses as a Baby

"You Can Do Important Things" (Miriam Helps Her Family) Bible Lesson

Baby Moses Envelope Basket Printable Pattern

Baby Moses in an Envelope Basket Craft

Baby Moses in a Basket Paper Plate Craft

Moses in a Basket Bible Craft

Miriam and Baby Moses Paper Dolls

Help the Princess Find Baby Moses Card Game

"I Can Do Important Things" Book

Learn the Bible Verse Game

Play a "Find Baby Moses" Game

Sink or Float Game

Sock Baby Moses


Moses - God Gives Us Families, The Story of Moses, Miriam, and Aaron

God Gives Us Families Printable Book

God Gives Us Families Activity Sheet


Moses Hides from Pharaoh Sunday School Lesson

"God is Always With Us!" (Moses Hides from Pharaoh)

Turtle Coloring and Activity Sheet

Turtle Review Game

Where's Moses? Bible Lesson Review Game

Moses in Midian Coloring Sheet

Stuffed Turtle Craft

Moses Clothespin Figure with Sand Box Bible Scene Display




Moses and the Plagues of Egypt Bible Lesson, Crafts, and Activity Ideas

Bulletin Board Display

God is in control - The plagues of Egypt Sunday School Lesson and Frog Crafts

God will Help You - The Plagues of Egypt Bible Lesson

Egyptian Beaded Collar Craft

Frog Beanbags

Frog Hot Potato Game

Froggy Shares the Bible Verse

Musical Lily Pads


Moses Crosses the Red Sea Bible Lesson and Craft Ideas

Moses raising his hand with a noodle beard Bible craft from www.daniellesplace.com

Moses Crosses the Red Sea Lesson

Moses Stretching Out His Hand Craft

Memory Book Pages for Moses Crosses the Red Sea

"God Leads Us" Printable Book

Parting the Red Sea Balloon Game

Moses Parts the Red Sea Bible Verse Review Game

Re-enactment of Moses Parts the Red Sea

Jell-O Re-enactment


Moses - The Israelites Complain about Manna Bible Lesson

Manna Again Coloring and Activity Sheet from www.daniellesplace.com

Manna Again! Bible Lesson and Crafts

Paper Bag Quail Puppet

Balloon Quail

Thankful Quail Paper Plate Craft

"Catch the Quail" Balloon Game

"Keep the Birds in the Air" Balloon Game

Play a Relay Game with the Balloon Birds

Board Game to Review the Lesson and Study the Bible Verse

Moses Match Game to Review the Story



Moses Ten Commandments Booklet from www.daniellesplace.com

Moses and the Ten Commandments Bible Lesson

See Ten Commandment Crafts



Moses Sends Spies to Canaan

Moses Sends the Spies into Canaan - Sunday School Lesson





Religious Mother's Day Crafts and Activities

Mother's Day Crafts for Sunday School from www.daniellesplace.com

"Mothers Are Important Too" Bible Lesson and Craft Ideas

Act Out the Bible Story

Mother Hugging Child Paper Craft

Mother's Day Activities

Mother's Are Important Too

How to Say I Love You Bible Lesson

In Celebration of Mother's Day

Mother Bird with Chick Picture

Vase with Flowers Craft

Mother's Day Songs