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Enjoy more of the same great crafts found on the free sections of Danielle's Place! Thousands of inexpensive crafts and activities for children especially designed for use in preschools and elementary schools, home schools, plus hundreds of Sunday school lessons.

With this yearly membership you will have access to all the crafts on Danielle's Place and The Resource Room. Plus you will receive:

46 Printable Sunday School Postcards!

Printable Postcards for Sunday Schoool, Children's Church, and Bible School


Growing Collection of Bible Verse Wallpaper!

Christian Bible Verse Wallpaper

You may download and save any of the wallpapers that are available for one year.

ABC, I Believe Lessons for Home Schools


abc i believe

Twenty-six Bible Lessons for home school, each based on a different animal.

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Churches or individuals may buy an individual membership if only one person uses the password, or only one computer has the password. Teachers and volunteers of that church or group may access the site from the same computer to print out materials for their classes, or one person may print out materials for all teachers. If the password is given out to teachers to use on their personal computers, the church must buy a group membership. If a church buys an individual membership and then decides it would like to give the password to other members in the church, it can upgrade the membership to a group membership by paying the difference. The materials may only be used for classes and activities relating to the church or group. Individuals may access the web site on more than one computer such as from their home computer and their work computer.

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Group memberships are for local (in the same building) church or school use only. If you buy a group membership, the membership can only be used by teachers for their classes and special events. Individuals using the group membership can use the password on their personal computers at home. Group memberships are for individual schools not an entire school system. Home school groups (not online schools) may buy a membership, but the materials must only be used for group activities. If individual home schoolers want to use the materials for personal use, they must buy an individual membership. Group memberships do not include the members of an online school.

Online Schools:

Online schools are not included in the group membership because the members are not all in the same building. Special online school prices apply as follows.

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Individuals using the online school membership may only use the membership for school purposes. They may not use the membership for their church related activities. They must buy a separate membership for that purpose.

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Puppet Ministry Set
Puppet Ministry Set
"The Book With No Pictures" by B.J. Novak - Great new children's book. Caution: Don't buy this book if you dislike reading the same book over and over.

The Book With No Pictures

Caution: If you dislike reading the same book over and over, don't buy this book!

See the author
reading this book.

The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak - Children's book

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