Danielle's Place of Crafts and Activities

Bible Crafts and Bible Lessons - D

Religious Crafts for Sunday School and Children's Ministry Including: Daniel in the Lion's Den, David and Goliath, Dog-themed crafts, Disciples, and Doras



Daniel Sunday School Lesson Crafts and Activities

Daniel and the Lion Bible Crafts for Kids from www.daniellesplace.com

"Tell the Story" Daniel in the Lion's Den Folding Bible Craft

Daniel and the Lions Cupcake Liner Craft

Fuzzy Lion Craft

"Spin the Lion" Bible Lesson Review Game

“God Saved Daniel From the Lions” Bible Lesson

Scaredy-Cat Bible Lesson

"In the News" - Bible Lesson and Crafts about Daniel for Older Children

Pretend to be Printers

"In the News" Newsprint Art Project

Use Wax Paper to Create Text

WWJD Coloring Sheet



David - Sunday School Lesson and Bible Crafts

David Bible Crafts for Kids

David and Goliath Bible Lesson

"The Battle is the LORD's!" Wall Hanging

David's Stones Bag Craft

David's Little Stones Craft

David and Goliath Review Toss Game

Bible Verse Review Stone Match Game

Songs for David and Goliath



David and Jonathan - Friends Share Bible Lesson

David and Jonathan Activity Sheet

You Are Dear to Me" Activity Sheet

Sharing Activity Sheet

Dear to Me Card


David Helps King Saul Activity Ideas

David Helped King Saul

Sad Happy Face King Saul Puppet


David Hides From King Saul Bible Lesson

"Under His Wings" Bible Lesson from www.daniellesplace.com

Hen and Chick Color Sheet

Mother Hen with Her Chick

Hen and Chick Craft

Printing and Writing Worksheets

Memory Verse Search

Feather Relay

Also see Abigail Keeps the Peace- Bible Crafts and Activities for Sunday School and Don't Judge by Appearances



DOG Theme Sunday School Lessons and Bible Activities

Dog-themed Bible Crafts

Depend On God

Beware of the Dog Bible Lesson

Get Your Paws on a Good Book - Bible Reading Activity

Watchdog Lessons

Lesson 1 - "Watch My Ways" Watchdog Group

Lesson 2 - "Backbiting"

Lesson 3 - "Taming the Tongue"

Lesson 4 - "Watchdog Training"

Lesson 5 - "Lie Detectors"



Disciple Crafts and Games for Sunday School

Disciples Sunday School Lesson and Bible Crafts

Disciples Folding Craft Stick Bible Craft

Disciples in a Boat Craft

Twelve Disciples File Folder Review Activity

The Twelve Disciples Fan-folded Display and Stick Puppets Crafts and Learning Activities


Dorcas Sunday School Lesson and Bible Crafts

Dorcus Bible Crafts and Bible Games for Children's Ministry

Crafts and Activities for Dorcas Sunday school Lesson

Sew Clothes Using Craft Foam and Plastic Needles

Make Clothes for Stick Puppets


Act Out the Story with a Puppet Skit

Bible Verse Review Games for the Sunday School Lesson Dorcas

Dorcas Clothes Match Game



Memory Cross