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Bible Crafts for Children's Ministry Letter - C

Preschool and Elementary Bibles Crafts, Bible Games, and Lessons Including: Cain and Abel, Christmas, Church, Christmas, Creation, and Creativity


Cain and Abel Sunday School Lesson Crafts and Activities



Christmas Crafts for Kids - Page 1


Baby Jesus in a Craft Stick Manger Craft

Baby Jesus in a Manger 3D Craft

Baby Jesus in a Manger Printable Envelope Craft

Baby Jesus in a Manger Printable Envelope Craft for Younger Children

Free Baby Jesus in a Manger Envelope Craft

Joy to the World Star Ornament

Christmas Letter from God Envelope Craft

Free Little Town of Bethlehem Christmas Ornament Craft for Sunday School

Nativity Scene Bible Review Game and Craft

Christmas Bell Crafts for Kids

Baby Jesus in the Manger Sock Craft

Beat the Greedies Christmas Calendar

Jesus, God's Gift to the World

Best Gift Bible Verse Review Game

Matchbox Gift Boxes

Christmas Plays


Christmas Crafts for Kids - Page 2

Bible Christmas Craft Page 2 - Christmas Crafts for Sunday School from www.daniellesplace.com

Envelope Nativity Craft

Gingerbread Man Nativity Paper Doll Craft

Nativity Paper Plate Craft for Christmas

Baby Jesus in a Manger Paper Plate Bible Craft Preschool

Baby Jesus in a Manger Paper Plate Bible Craft for Sunday School

"Light of the World" Paper Plate Manger Christmas Craft

Star Nativity Scene Ornament Craft

Christmas Craft - Manger Scenes Triptych

Hawaiian Peg Doll Nativity Scene

Paper Plate Angel Ornament Craft



Christmas Crafts for Kids - Page 4

Christmas Ribbon Cross Craft

3D Paper Christmas Ornaments Craft for Kids

Shrinky Dink Christmas Ornament Craft


"The Christmas Story" Bible Lessons Series


Lesson 1 - The Prophets Tell the Good News

Lesson 2 - An Angel Tells the Good News

Lesson 3 - The Shepherds Tell About Jesus' Birth

Lesson 4 - The Wise Men Search for Jesus

The Story of Christms Bible Lesson and Crafts from www.daniellesplace.com

Craft Stick Star Ornaments

Yarn Wrapped Craft Stick Star Ornament

"The Wise Men Search for Jesus" Color and Activity Sheet

Act Out the Lesson

"Seek and You Will Find" Star Bible Verse Review Game

Christmas Match Game

Play "Pass The Gift" Game


Lesson 5 - The Rest of the Story

Christmas Bible Lesson - The Rest of the Story with Christms Ornaments from www.daniellesplace.com

Paper Christmas Butterfly Craft

Sparkle Paper Cross Craft

Christmas Cross with Frame Ornament

"Names of Christ Christmas Tree Craft" and Bible Lesson Review Game

Christmas Tree Bible Lesson Review and Game



Christmas Crafts - Ring the Bells



Christmas Crafts for Kids - Jesus Lights up my Life!


Christmas Crafts - Let Your Light Shine Star Crafts and Bible Lesson



Wise Men Bible Crafts



Christmas Party Games For Children's Minsitry

Over twenty Christmas Party Games


Church Bible Lesson, Crafts and Activities

Church Bible Crafts for Sunday School from www.daniellesplace.com

"Here is the Church" Envelope Craft

"We Are the Church" Activity Sheet

Church Activity Sheet - Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Window Church Craft

Church Action Rhyme - Here is the Church

Church Stained Glass Window Craft



Commission - The Great Commission

See Good News and Great Commission Crafts


Control Your Tongue

See Bible Lessons T - Tongue


Creation Lessons Index Page

Index Page with Pictures of all the Crafts about Creation



Creation Lessons - "God Made Me" Bible Lesson for Preschool and Elementary Children

Creation Lesson 1 - God Made Me

"God Made Me" Bible Lessons for Preschool and Elementary Children from www.daniellesplace.com

Creation Lesson 2 - "God Made Me" - My Wonderful Eyes

Creation Lesson 3 - "God Made Me" - My Listening Ears

Creation Lesson 4 - "God Make Me - My Fabulous Feet

Creation Lesson 5 - "God Made Me" - My Helping Hands

Creation Lesson 6 - "God Made Me" - My Guarded Mouth

Creation Lesson 7 - "God Made Me" - Happy Heart



Creation of Man Crafts and Activities

Dust Man Verse Snowman Creation Bible Lesson for Children's Ministry

Dust Man Verses Snowman Lesson Crafts and Activities

Snowman Coloring Sheet

Make a Big Paper Snowman with Poem

Short and Stout Snowman

Build a Snowman Bible Verse Review Game

Find the Snack Game

Make Gingerbread Man Cookies and Have the Children Decorate Them to Look Like Themselves

Make Life-Size Self-Portraits



Creation Bible Lesson by Day

Creation Bible Crafts - The Complete Story

Crafts for the Complete Story

Creation Day 1 - Light and Darkness

Creation Day 2 - Sky

Creation Day 3 - Earth and Seas

Creation Day 3 - Plants, Trees, and Flowers

Creation Day 4 - Moon, Sun, and Stars

Creation Day 5 - Water and Fish

Creation Day 6 - Animals

Creation Day 6 - Man

Festivals and Outreach Ideas



Creativity - Christian Art Lessons

Creativity file folder For Christian Homeschool Art Lesson about Shape

Shape - "It's Your Choice"

Artistic Design and the Great Designer - Christian Art Lesson About Color for Homeschool

Color - "How Do You Feel?"

Value- Christian  Art Lesson for Children


Value – "Light or Dark?"

Colored Pencil Value Matching Activity

Identifying High and Low Contrast Images

Study of Rembrandt's "Christ in the Storm on the Lake of Galilee"


Grayscale Ruler Using Tints and Shades



Cross Crafts