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Easy-to-Prepare Bible Crafts - J

Bible Crafts and Activities for Children's Sunday School Including: Jesus, Jeremiah, Jewish Customs, Job, John the Baptist, Jonah and the Whale, Joseph, Joshua, and Josiah


J - Sunday School Lessons



Jacob Crafts and Bible Lesson - See Bible Crafts - Abraham Lesson


Jesus Bible Crafts and Activities

Jesus Bible Crafts for Children's Ministry

Jesus Crafts - General

Jesus Craft Stick Fish Craft

Secret Message Bible Verse Craft Stick Craft

Names for Jesus Posters

Jesus - King of King Crown Craft

Child of the King Pompom Craft

Mary Tells Her Good News whispering tube craft

Jesus Grew and I am growing too booklet craft

Jesus Goes to Church - Honor your Parents

Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness - "Always Do Right" banner

Jesus Never Changes Sunday School Lesson


Jesus Has Time for Me Bible Crafts and Bible Games

Jesus and the Children - Jesus Has Time for Me

Clock Craft with Day and Night Fun Foam Shapes

Bible Verse Review Clock Game

Craft Foam Watch Sunday School Craft

"Jesus Always has Time for Me" Coloring and Activity Sheet

Twister Bible Verse Review Game


Baby Jesus

See - Bible Themes Christmas

Jesus Rescues Me Bible Lesson with Fireman-themed crafts and activities for children from www.daniellesplace.com

Jesus Rescues Me Bible Crafts and Bible Lesson

Fireman's Hat Craft

"Jesus Rescues Me" Fireman Badges

"Jesus Rescues Me" Textured Cross Craft

"Jesus Rescues Me From:" Bible Verse Coloring Sheet

Fire Engine with Moveable Ladder and Hose Bible Activity Sheet

Fire Hose Bible Verse Craft


Jesus Rescues Me Sunday School Lesson with a Policeman theme from www.daniellesplace.com

Jesus Rescues Me Sunday School Lessons - Policeman-theme

"Guard Your Heart" Activity Sheet

Guard Your Heart Pocket Craft

"I Will Guard My Heart" Police Hat Craft

"Guard Your Heart" Bean Bag Game



Jesus - Be like Jesus - Monkey-themed Bible Lessons

Jesus Bible Lesson - Monkey Theme

Monkey See, Monkey Do, Jesus Wept and So Should You

Monkey Stick Puppets, Coloring Sheet

Monkey See, Monkey Do, Jesus Knew the Scripture and So Should You

Monkey Cup Craft, Coloring Sheet, Bible Reveiw Game

Monkey See, Monkey Do, Jesus Prayed and So Should You

Praying Monkey Stick Puppet, Jesus Prayed Activity and Coloring Sheet



Jesus is the Way Bible Lesson and Crafts

Jesus - "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life" Crafts

Backpacking Paper Dolls and Discover Which Way is North Activity

"I am the Way" Craft Stick Activity Sheet

Search and Find Game

Ring Toss Bible Lesson Review Game

"Jesus it the Way" Cairn Bible Craft and Learning Activity

Backpack and "Map" Bible Verse Cards



Jeremiah Bible Crafts and Sunday School Lessons

Jeremiah Bible Lesson with Crafts and Games for children from www.daniellesplace.com

The Potter and the Clay Sunday School Lesson for Older Children

Crafts and Activities Including:

Clay Pot Craft with CD Bible Verse Stand

Potter and the Clay Color Sheet

Spinning Bible Verse Memory Game

"Which Clay Pot?" Bible Verse Memory Game



Jewish Customs - Crafts and Activities

Life in times of Jesus


Job Bible Crafts and Activities

Job Bible Lessons, Crafts, and Games

Job's First Test Bible Crafts and Sunday School Lesson

Manuel Dexterity Test Activity

Find the Donkey that is Different Activity Sheet

Animal Coloring Sheet

Job's Second Test Sunday School Crafts Bible Lesson

Job Coloring Sheet

Get Well Cards

Bible Verse Review Game



John the Baptist Bible Crafts and Activities

John The Baptist Crafts and Activities

John the Baptist in Camel Hair Clothes

3D Grasshopper Craft for Kids

John the Baptist Review Game

John the Baptist Match Game

"Tell Others about Jesus" Locust Craft

John Baptizes Jesus Plastic Cup Craft



Jonah Sunday School Lesson Crafts and Activities

Jonah and the Whale Bible Crafts for Sunday School from www.daniellesplace.com -  copyright 2014

Jonah and the Whale Craft Stick Whale Craft

Jonah and the Whale Paper Bag Craft

Jonah and the Whale Paper Bag Craft and Game

Whale Puppet Bible Craft

"Pin Jonah in the Whale" Bible Craft and Game

"What Did the Big Fish Eat?" Jonah and the Whale Review Game

Jonah and the Whale Bean Bag Doll and Plastic Milk Jug Whale Craft

"Hide and Seek" Bible Lesson

Find Jonah Card Game

Envelope Fish and Jonah Paper Doll

Jonah and the Whale Coloring Sheet



Joseph Bible Crafts and Activities

Joseph Bible Lesson for Sunday School and Children's Ministry from www.daniellesplace.com

"Joseph, A Very Colorful Story" Sample Bible Lesson

Joseph Paper Bag Puppet with Special Colors

Search and Find Joseph's Colorful Coat Coloring and Activity Sheet

Joseph Paper Doll Craft

Paper Bag Coat Craft

Joseph's Colorful Coat Craft



Joseph's Special Ability Bible Crafts

Joseph Bible Crafts and Bible Lessons

Joseph's Special Ability Bible Lesson - Joseph interprets Pharaoh's Dream

Healthy Cow, Skinny Cow Color Sheet

Healthy Cow and Skinny Cow Paper Plate Craft

Cow Paper Bag Puppet

"Seven and Seven" Board Game

Talents Match Game



See Also Joseph and God's Promise Bible Lesson



Joshua Bible Crafts and Sunday School Lesson

Joshua Bible Crafts for Joshua and Kaleb Spy on Canaan Bible Lesson

Joshua and Kaleb Spy on Canaan - Can-do Kids - Bible Lesson

"Can Do Can" Can Craft

"I'm a Can Do Kid" Award Ribbon

"Can-Do" Can Holders

"When You Think You Are Beet" Bible Craft

Bible Verse Game

Memory Verse Banner

"Can You Find the Can" Game

Walking on Can Stilts



"Joshua and the Battle of Jericho" Bible Lesson

Color a Memory Verse Poster

Horn Craft

"Get Ready for Battle" Game


Joshua "I Will Serve the Lord" Bible Lesson - crafts and activities


Joshua 24:1 "As for Me and My House, We Will Serve the Lord."

House Memory Verse Coloring Sheet

"We will Serve the Lord" Wall Hanging Craft

"We Will Serve the Lord" Tactile Picture Craft

"We Will Serve the Lord" Build a House Craft Stick Game



Josiah Bible Crafts and Activities

King Josiah Bible lessons, crafts and games from www.daniellesplace.com

King Josiah Holding a Scroll - Paper Doll Craft

Children color a picture of King Josiah, decorate a paper crown with craft gemstones, and roll up a piece of paper to make a scroll.

Crown Craft

Crown Crafts to Purchase

"Things God Wants us to Remember" Game

Exodus 24:7 - We Will Obey - Bible Verse Coloring Sheet