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Bible Crafts for Children - F

Easy-to-prepare Bible Crafts for Children's Ministry from Faith to Fruits of the Spirit





Fall - Jesus Never Changes



Fathers Bible Crafts and Games




"Under His Wings" Bible Lesson about David and King Saul from www.daniellesplace.com

Under His Wings Bible Lesson

Hen and Chick Color Sheet

Mother Hen with Her Chick Craft

Hen and Chick Craft

Bible Verse Writing and Printing Sheet

Memory Verse Search Game

Feather Relay Game




Fiery Furnace - Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego



Fighting Sunday School Lesson Crafts and Activities

Beware of the Dogs Sunday school Lesson for Childrens Ministry

"Beware of the Dogs" Sunday School Lesson for Children

Make a Picture of a Dog

Color a Picture of the Dogs from the Bible Story

Dog Biscuit Refrigerator Magnet

Play Doggy Doggy, Who Pulled Your Ear?

Play "Doggy Doggy, Where's Your Bone" Bible Verse Game

Play a Game with Paw Prints

And More



First Aid for the Soul Bible Craft



Fishers of Men Sunday School Lesson and Bible Crafts

Fishers of Men Bible Crafts

"Go Fish" Bible Lesson on The Resource Room

Fish Talk Coloring Sheet

"Fisher of Men" Pictures

Fish for Men Activity

Pail with Memory Verse Night Crawlers

Fish Water Bottle Craft and Bible Verse Memorization Activity

Worm Bible Verse Review Game



Following in Jesus' Footsteps Bible Lesson



Food Sunday School Lesson, Bible Crafts, and Activities







Free and Sample Sunday School Lessons

Free Sunday School Lessons Index

Free lessons Bible lessons from The Resource Room. Free printable Bible crafts, Bible games and the complete lesson.

Sample Lessons for Children's Ministry Index Page

These free sample lessons give you lots of free Bible crafts, games and other activity ideas, but the printable are available to members of The Resource Room.

Free Spanish Sunday School Lessons

Find free Spanish sample lessons and 25 Spanish lessons available for $2.00 each as instant digital downloads.

Lecciones Gratis Para la Escuela Dominical



Friends Sunday School Lessons

Friends Bible Lessons on www.daniellesplace.com

Ladybug Friends

"Friends Stick Together" - Naomi and Ruth

Bear One Another's Burdens - Jesus Heals the Paralyzed Man

Good Friends are Giving - David and Jonathan

God Gives us Friends - The Story of Elijah and Elisha

Friends Honor Each Other - Mary Honors Jesus



Fruit of The Spirit Children's Sermons and Bible Crafts

Fruit of the Spirit Bible Lessons for Children's Ministry

Fruit of the Spirit Folding Craft Stick Bible Craft

Fruit of the Spirit Paper Plate Basket

Fruit of the Spirit Lesson 1 - Love

Fruit of the Spirit Lesson 2 - Joy

Fruit of the Spirit Lesson 3 - Peace

Fruit of the Spirit Lesson 4 - Patience

Fruit of the Spirit Lesson 5 - Gentleness

Fruit of the Spirit Lesson 6 - Goodness

Fruit of the Spirit Lesson 7 - Faithfulness

Fruit of the Spirit Lesson 8 - Meekness

Fruit of the Spirit Lesson 9 - Self-control/Temperance


Memory Cross