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Bible Crafts and Activities for Children's Sunday School Lessons including: Tabernacle and Temple Crafts, Temptation, Ten Commandments, Ten Lepers, Thanksgiving, and the Tongue



Tabernacle and Temple Bible Crafts

Tabernacle and Temple Bible Crafts for Children's Ministry

Ark of the Covenant Craft Stick Activity Sheet

Ark of the Covenant Box Craft

Directions on How to Make a Replica of the Jewish Tabernacle

3D Picture of King Solomon's Temple with Pillars

Boaz and Jachin Bible Verse Review Game

Build a Temple Wall Activity



Temptation Sunday School Lesson and Bible Crafts

See Bible Themes Adam and Eve



Ten Commandments Sunday School Lesson and Bible Crafts

Ten Commandment Crafts from www.daniellesplace.com

Ten Commandments Folding Craft Stick Crafts

Traffic Signs

Ten Commandments Coloring Sheet - Rules Protect Us

Following Signs Game

Ten Commandment Train

Ten Commandment Boat

Ten Commandment Song

Pretend to be Moses

Picture of Moses Coloring Sheet

Number Pictures - A Great Way to Remember all the Ten Commandments in Less Than 10 Minutes!

Do Not Kill Puzzle

Break the Code Ten Commandment Puzzle

Ten Commandments Booklet

Ten Commandment Review

Find the Missing Ten Commandment Game

Create a Classroom Memory Book for Your Children



Ten Lepers Sunday School Lesson Crafts and Activities

Jesus Heals Ten Lepers - See Bible Themes Miracles



Thanksgiving - Going to America Sunday School Lesson

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Pilgrim Suitcase Craft

"I Thank God for . . ." Book

Thanksgiving Mystery Message Activity Sheet

"I Made a Little Turkey" Thanksgiving Activity Sheet

Thanksgiving Prayer Place Mat

Boy and Girl Pilgrim Decorations

Peach Pit Pilgrim Game

Dress the Pilgrim Game



Thanksgiving - Manners Matter Bible Lesson



Thanksgiving - "Beat the Greedies" Bible Lesson

Beat the Greedies Bible Lesson for Children from www.daniellesplace.com

Five Kernels of Corn Bible Craft and Activity Sheet

Thankful Turkey Picture

Thankfulness Balloon Game with a Turkey Craft

Collect the Turkey Feathers Game

Drop the Feather in the Turkey Jar Game or Craft

Turkey Bowling

Thanksgiving a ABC Memory Game



Tongue - Controlling the Tongue Sunday School Lesson and Bible Crafts

watchdog bible lessons

Watchdog Lessons - Series of five lessons teaching children how to keep a watch over what they say and do.

1. "Watch My Ways" Watchdog Group

2. "Backbiting"

3. "Taming the Tongue"

4. "Watchdog Training"

5. "Lie Detectors"

Martin's Big Words Sunday School Lesson - Children learn about the power of God's words and how Martin Luther King, Jr. used words to change a bad situation.

Control Your Tongue - Children learn howtheir words effect others, themselves, and their relationship with God.



Treasures - Bible Crafts

Tresure Bible Crafts and Activities for Sunday School from www.daniellesplace.com

Finding Treasure Sunday School Lesson - In this lesson children think about what they treasure most. They learn what the Bible tells us to treasure and that Christ is our real treasure.

Colossians 2:3 (treasure of wisdom and knowledge) Matthew 6:19-20, Proverbs 24:3-4, Matthew 6:21 (search for it -knowledge- as hidden treasure)

Paper Treasure Box Craft

Treasure Hunt Through the Bible Treasure Map Craft

What Do You Treasure? Survey Printable

Treasure Chest and Gems Bible Activity Sheet


Memory Cross