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Pool Noodle and Thumbtack Gears Craft - STEM Activity

Science and Art all in one great project.

Pool Noodle and Thumbtack Gears STEM Activity for children from www.daniellesplace.com - ©2017

What you will need:

Pool Noodles of Different Sizes

Push Pins (Thumbtacks)




Foam Marshmallows

Corrugated Cardboard or Foam Core Board

Colored Pencils or Markers

Serrated Knife


How to Make the Pool Noodle Gears:

Pool Noodle and Thumbtack gears STEM Activity from www.daniellesplace.com

1. Cut one slice off a pool noodle so that it is one-inch thick and another slice so it is 1 1/2" thick.

2. Poke thumbtacks in the shorter slice so that they are sticking up all around the top edge at an even distance apart.

3. Poke thumbtacks in the taller slice all around the top, side edge so that they are sticking out around the edge.

4. Place the two "gears" together to see if the thumbtacks match up.

5. Make sure the foam marshmallows fit inside the "gears" and are loose enough so the the gears can still move around the marshmallows. Cut the marshmallows so that they don't stick up above the gears. If you don't have marshmallows, you can roll up paper to make tubes that fit the inside of the gears. Cut tiny slits all the way around the bottom edge of the tube and fold the slits up. Glue the folded tabs to the cardboard. Place the gears on the cardboard tube.

6. Glue the marshmallows on the cardboard or foam core board so that when you place the gears on the marshmallows they match up.

7. Glue a paper tube to the center of the shorter gear for a handle, you could also use a cork or wooden dowel for the handle.

8. Cut a circle from paper that covers the top of the taller gear. Have your children draw a design on the circle and glue it to the gear.

9. Have your children experiment with different sizes of gears and the placement of the tacks. When your children are pleased with how their gears work, have them glue the tacks in place so they don't fall out.

Watch a View it and Do it!" Video on how to make this craft:

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