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Father's Day Crafts for Kids - 2

Father's Day Crafts Kids Can Make for Dad


"Dad, You Light up My Life!" Rainbow Pool Noodle Craft for Kids

Rainbow Father's Day Craft for Kids made from a pool noodle from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Round Pool Noodles

Serrated Knife (Bread Knife)

Liquid Chalk Markers

Paper or Card Stock

Colored Pencils

Paper Glue


What to do:

1. Use a ruler to mark off 1 1/4" section on the pool noodle.

2. Cut the pool noodle at each mark with a serrated knife making donut shapes. Then cut the donut shapes in half to make rainbow shapes.

3. Cut a slit at the top of the rainbow shape lengthwise across the center of the rainbow about 1/2" deep. Use this slit to hold Bible verse card.

4. Use liquid chalk markers to color the rainbow on the front of the rainbow shape.

4. Print out the "Dad, You Light up My Life! Card, or have your children make their own cards and then place them in the slit at the top of the rainbow.

(The Pattern for the cards pictured above are available to members.)

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Picture for Daddy Father's Day Card with Poem

Here's a simple poem you can use to make a card for Dad.  This makes a great Father's Day gift from young children.

Father's Day Card Craft with poem. Great craft for preschool children from www.daniellesplace.com

A Picture For You 

Here's a picture I drew for you .
I cannot write so it will have to do.
If I could, I would like it to say:
"Have a happy Father's Day!"

by Carolyn Warvel

Members Pattern

Instant Download $2.00 - Two Patterns: One for Dad and one for Mom.

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Baby Foot Print Picture with Poem for Dad

Baby Father's Day Card Craft for Baby from www.daniellesplace.com

Here is a poem you can use with babies for their dad.  Write or type the poem below on a piece of white paper.

Make a border or use clip art. Press the child's feet into a "safe for children" paint and then onto the paper.

When the prints are dry, glue (using rubber cement) the whole paper onto a piece of construction paper for a frame.  You can also add some yarn at the top to hang the picture.

Printable Pattern Available to Members


Instant Download $2.00 - Two Patterns: One for Dad and one for Mom.

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A Father's Role

On this paper you will find,
some tiny footprints that are one of a kind.
They 're here to remind you the role you play,
in the foundation that you lay.
God has given you this great treasure.
Teach her right and share her pleasure.
She learns from you in every way,
so be careful of the words you say.
Hold her tight and calm her fears.
When she cries wipe away her tears.
In all these things she feels your love,
and learns to trust the Lord above.                   

by Carolyn Warvel

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Free "Greatest Dad Ribbon" Craft for Father's Day

World's Greatest Dad Printable Ribbon Craft for Kids from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Card Stock (Heavy Paper)



or Highlighter Markers

How to Make the Father's Day Card:

1. Print out the ribbon patterns onto card stock , cut them apart and color. To make it extra special, you can cut the blue ribbon hanging from the bottom and replace with a real blue ribbon.

You can also use the ribbon patterns without words and add your own words to the ribbons.

Member's pattern8

Ribbon pattern that says, "World's Greatest ______" - You fill in the word you would like.

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"Dad, I'm Nuts About You" Father's Day Gift for Dad

Dad, I'm Nuts About You" Peanut and Jar craft for Dad from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need

Jar with a Lid

Sand Paper

Epoxy Glue or Tacky Glue

Peanuts or other Nuts

Paper Glue (Rubber Cement)

Gold Spray Paint

How to Make a "Dad, I'm Nuts About You" Father's Day Gift for Dad:

1. If you are using a metal lid, sand it to make it ruff. Have an adult spread the epoxy glue over the top of the lid and then put small amounts of glue on the peanuts and stick them to the top of the lid.  Let the glue dry.

2. Use tacky glue (a child can do this part) to glue the rest of the nuts on the top making a pile of nuts.  Let the glue dry and then paint the lid and peanuts with gold or other color of paint.

3. Draw a label on a piece of paper and write, "Dad, I'm nuts about you!  Decorate the label and glue it to the jar.

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"Just You and Me" Goose and Little Goosey Craft

Just You and Me

Just You and Me - By Sam McBratney / Candlewick Press

Little Goosey and Gander Goose are on a walk down to the river when storm clouds roll in. Gander Goose tries to find a place to hide during the storm but every place seems to be taken by other animals. The other animals offer to share their warm places, but Little Goosey is scared of storms and doesn't want to share a place with anybody else when the thunder comes. They end of sharing a warm place with all the animals without knowing it, but Little Goosey gets to finish their walk down to the river with just Gander Goose.

Affiliate Disclaimer

Make a Goose Family from paper plates to go along with this story. See the Duck and Goose Craft and Learning Activities Page.

Use the paper plate geese to act out the story or make up your own stories.

Goose or Duck Paper Plate Crafts for Kids www.daniellesplace.com




"You Hold the Keys to My Heart!" Father's Day Card Craft for Children

Children write things they admire about their dads on each key.

The patterns for this craft are available to members. The back of the heart says, "You Hold the Keys to My Heart!

You Hold the Keys to My Heart Father's Day Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Colorful Cardstock (Heavy Paper)

Pipe Cleaners - Chenille Stems (Any Color) or Zip Ties

Pens or Markers


Hole Punch

How to Make the Key Craft:

1. Cut key shapes and heart shapes from different colors of card stock.

Member's pattern9

2. Have your children write things they like about a friend or parent on the keys and then draw a happy face on one side of the heart shape and the words "You Hold the Keys to My Heart! on the other.

3. Punch holes in the keys and the heart and string them together with a pipe cleaner.

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Car Air Freshener Craft for Dad

Car air freshener Father's Day gift
car air freshener Father's Day gift
Car air freshener Father's Day gift

Here is a gift that just about all dads can use. These patterns can be adapted to look like the child's father or the child that is giving the gift to dad.  On the father air freshener you can put a little note on it that says, "World's Best Dad" and on the child's you can put something like, "I love you, Dad." Makes a great Father's Day gift.

What you will need: Fun Foam to Match Skin Tone, Fake Hair to Match the Child's or Father's Hair, Felt to Make Clothes, Yarn or String to Hang the Freshener, Glue, Wiggly Eyes, Permanent Markers, Eyelet Lace and Ribbon, Air Freshener Oil (found where you buy car air fresheners)

How to make:

Print out the patterns for the Father, Daughter and Son.

Cut two of each pattern to make one freshener.  There will be a face on the back and the front of each freshener so that it looks good from all directions.

To make the daughters face cut 18 pieces of yarn 9 inches long.  Loosely tie 9 pieces of yarn together in the middle for one face and do it again for the face on the back of the freshener. Glue the hair on in the middle of the heads.  Glue the arms and feet onto the dress and then glue the body onto the head to complete one side of the doll. Glue the other dress and the other head to back of the completed side so that the freshener can be viewed from any angle. Tie the yarn for the hair together on each side of the head to make pony tails. Braid the pony tails and tie ribbons onto the end.  Finish by gluing on eyes and drawing a mouth and nose.  Add eyelet lace to the bottom of the dress.  Put some air freshener oil on the felt to make the freshener smell good.

To make the father follow the same directions as for the daughter except for the hair. Add hair to make it look like your father or husband.

To make the son, use the same hands, face, and feet pattern as the daughter, but use the son clothes.

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Paint Stick Note Holder Man Father's Day Gift

paint stick note holder man Father's Day gift

What you will need: 

Paint Stick (you can probably get them free from any place that sales paint)

Craft Spoons

Mini-spring Clothes Pins

Fake Hair (or something to make hair out of)

Wiggly Eyes




Tiny Wooden Circles



How to Make the Paint Stick Note Holder:

1. Glue craft spoons onto the back of a paint stick about 4 inches down from the top at a 45 degree angle to the craft stick to make the arms.

2. Cut the small ends off two craft spoons to make feet and glue them on to the bottom of the craft stick.

3. Glue on two tiny wooden circles for ears, and wiggly eyes.

4. Cut out clothes from material using your doll to make the pattern and then glue them on.

5. Glue on a clothes pin on each arm so that the man can hold notes.

6. Use markers to draw on the mouth and shoes and paint or color to finish.

7. Put a tiny note in one hand and write something on it to give to dad.

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Wallet Filled with Love Father's Day Gift

Use this poem to go along with a wallet filled with coupons for hugs, kisses, and chores, etc.

Greatest Dad in the World Card

A Wallet filled with Love

"All the money in the world could never compare,
To all the hugs and kisses and the ways you show You care,
I wish I could repay you for everything you've done.
If you open up this wallet, you'll see how I've begun."
Written by Carolyn Warvel

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Wallet Filled with Love Craft for Father's Day

What you will need:  Construction Paper, Glue, Scissors, Picture of Child (optional), Markers, Crayons

Note:  If the child's father needs a new wallet, you might want to use a real wallet instead.

How to make:

1. Position the construction paper so that it lays lengthwise.

2. Fold the top and bottom edges down 1/2 inch in towards the center of the paper and glue the flaps down.

Wallet Filled with Love Craft for Father's Day

3. Fold the paper in half lengthwise.

4. Position the paper so that the fold is on the bottom.

5. Glue the top closed 3 3/4" in from the left side of the paper and 2 3/4" in from the right side.

6. Fold the right end in at line A towards the center.

7. Fold in right end in again at line B so that line A meets line C.

8. Fold the left side in 2 1/2" towards the back at line D.

9.Then fold back the end 1 1/2" from the end at line E.

10. Fold in again at line C.

11. Glue the top and bottom edges down on the left folded flap so that you can still fit a business card inside the slot.

12. Print out the Blank Coupons and have the children write in the middle things they want to give or do for their dad.  They may also want to color them.

13. Print out the Poem to glue onto the inside far right of the wallet when it is completely open or just write the poem on  the inside of the wallet.

14. Print out the Business Card, cut out and place it into the slot in the wallet on the inside left. (Printing Problems?)

15. Glue the child's picture on the inside middle panel.

16. To Finish decorate the outside of the wallet and wrap it up with wrapping paper to give to dad.

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