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Tired of boring worksheets and repetitive memorization? Does your child have a hard time sitting still long enough to finish his homework? On this page you will activities that are fun and educational at the same time. Your child won't even know he is learning. These activities are especially helpful for special needs children. If your child has a hard time concentrating, feels intimidated by traditional worksheets, can't sit still very long, or needs help in specific academic areas, this is the page for you.


Math Games and Activities

candy corn math gameSeasonal math review games for all levels (Preschool through Fifth Grade), counting and sorting games, measuring, battleship, and math games that go with popular children's stories.



Language Arts: Reading, Writing, and Spelling Games and Activities

squirrel reading gamePrintable Bulletin Board Displays four your classroom, Word Wall Printables, Reading is Out of this World Paper Plate Craft and Bulletin Board Display, Word review games for all ages (Preschool through Fifth Grade), spelling games, vocabulary word review games, reading and writing games, etc.


Educational Crafts and Learning Activities - Reading Writing and Spelling  www.daniellesplace.com


Books - Activities and Crafts for Popular Children's Books

Frog Paper Doll Craft from www.daniellesplace.comCrafts and activities that go along with popular children's books such as Froggy Goes to School and If You Give a Moose a Muffin.





Books with a Purpose

Suggested Children's books that teach children about getting along with others, sharing, responsibility, kindness, overcoming fear, friendship, manners, and much more. There are also suggested activities to go along with many of the books.


Christian Home School Art Lessons

Children Learn About the Elements of Design and
the Great Designer

Lessons on The Elements of Design from a Biblical Perspective

Elements of Design and the Great Designer Elements of Design Bible Study - Dot and Point

See the Crafts and Learning Activities Relating to Creativity Page for links to these lessons.


Bug Buddies Studies

Including Lapbooking Activities

Bee Bug Buddies Study Fellers Bug Buddies Study


This Christian-based set of studies introduces children to variety of amazing insects. Each lesson emphasizes a Biblical concept relating it to a specific insect, and encourages children to dig deeper and learn more about insects.


ABC, I Believe Bible Study Curriculum for Preschool Through Third Grade

Start your homeschool day right with this fun and engaging Bible Study Curriculum for Preschool through Third Grade.

1. Each lesson in this curriculum is a thematic unit based on a letter of the alphabet, an animal starting with that letter, and a basic Bible truth.

2. Each thematic unit in this curriculum is used for one week reinforcing the main Bible truth and integrating it into every study area through games and activities. Areas include: math, reading, writing, science, physical fitness, and more.

3. The Bible lessons and activities in this curriculum are great for children who have special needs, such as children with ADD, ADHD, or other learning disabilities because all areas of study are reinforced using active learning and lots of sensory stimulation. Children learn while having fun!

4. The lessons and activities in this curriculum were designed for children preschool through third grade. You can use the same lesson for all these levels. The games and activities are made so you can adapt them to your child's needs and academic level.

To find out more about the ABC, I Believe Lessons AND receive the first four lessons for free go to the ABC, I Believe Homepage.


Play on Words - This is a great web site that review toys, games, and books that encourage language and learning.



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Sunday School Crafts

ABC, I Believe Bible Lessons from www.daniellesplace.com

Anything is Possible Lesson Plan Book from Mary Engelbreit

Anything is Possible Lesson
Plan Book from Mary Engelbreit


How to Draw 101 Animals

How to Draw 101 Animals


Watchdog Bible Activity Sheet for Sunday School

Free Watchdogs
Sunday School Lesson


Free Sunday School Bible Lesson - God Knows Me - Psalm 139

Free "God Knows Me"
Psalm 139
Free Bible Lesson


ABC with Noah