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Danielle's Place Member's Only Section has hundreds
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and ages.
The Resource Room is dedicated exclusively to Children's Ministry. You will find hundreds great Christian crafts that Danielle's Place is known for, plus over 300 Bible lessons.

Language Arts: Reading, Writing, and
Spelling Games and Activities

fireman bookmark craftActive learning activities including: word review games for all ages, spelling games, vocabulary word review games, reading and writing games, etc.


Math Games and Activities

Active math games for all levels including: printable board games, printable card games, and spinner games.


Books - Activities and Crafts for Popular Children's Books

Crafts and learning activities that go along with popular
children's books such as Froggy Goes to School and If You
Give a Moose a Muffin.


kitten and mittens

Preschool Learning Activities

Printable interactive games and activities to help get your
preschooler ready for school.


Lapbooks Lessons for Home School

Bee Lapbook


Just $23.95 (US funds) per year for individual memberships
and  $47.95 (US funds) for churches who would like to give
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Bible Lessons

Jesus Prayed and so should IYou will find over 300 Bible lessons for kindergarten through fifth grade. Most of the lessons were designed for multiple grade levels.


Outreach Ideas

Some of the lessons include cards and brochures relating to the upcoming lesson that can be sent out at the beginning of the week announcing what they can look forward to doing. They can include: puzzles, incentives, memory verses, and much more.


Early Arrivals Activity

Bible Stick Puppet Craft for Sunday SchoolActivities that can be done by children who arrive early to introduce them to the lesson while you take attendance and collect the offering and wait for all the children to show up. They include things like search and find sheets, games, and puzzles relating to the lesson.


Fun Activities or Games

Sheep Bible Craft for Sunday SchoolYou will find activity and game ideas relating to the lesson.



Inexpensive and easy to prepare crafts that reinforce the lesson.


Bulletin Board Ideas

Bulletin board ideas for outreach programs and your Sunday school class to reinforce your lessons.


Bible Verse Wallpaper for your Computer



Wallpaper with Bible verses for your chuch office
or home computer. Samples


Printable Postcards

38 Designs for $9.95
(These postcards are included with a one-year subscription) - More Details

Printable Postcards from Sunday School


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Our Philosophy


We believe that children learn faster and remember what they have learned better when they are actively involved in the learning process. Making things, drawing, games, and using their natural creativity keeps children involved longer and increases their learning capacity. Read More . .

What we believe and teach through our Sunday School lessons

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