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The Parable of the Lost Sheep and The Good Shepherd


The following crafts and activities come from The Lost Sheep and The Good ShepherdSunday School Lessons on The Resource Room


Peek-a-Boo Sheep Cup Craft

Preschool children will love playing with the Peek-a-Boo Sheep Craft! They pull the craft stick up and down to "find the lost sheep". Teacher can use it as a prop for their lesson. This pattern for this craft is available to members on The Resource Room or as an instant download.

Peek-a-Boo Sheep! Cup Craft for the Parable of the Lost Sheep Bible Lesson for Children from www.danielllesplace.com - Copyright 2015


What you will need:

Green Paper Cups

Green Paper

White Card Stock

Jumbo Craft Sticks

All Purpose Glue

Colored Pencils

Sharp Scissors (Adults Only)

Flower Stickers or Craft Foam Flowers


How to Make:

1. Before class cut off the ridge of the paper cups. (If you don't have green cups you can glue green paper or green craft foam around a paper cup.) Cut a slit in the middle of the bottom of the cup so that a jumbo craft stick will fit through (about one inch long).

2. Print out the Sheep Patterns onto white card stock, and the Word Patterns onto green paper. (Available to members or as an instant download below.)

3. In class have your children color the sheep patterns and glue them to the end of a jumbo craft stick, and then Insert the craft stick into the bottom of the cup.

4. Older children can cut slits in the top of the cup to make it look like grass. Cut slits at the top of the "Where is the Lost Sheep" words pattern to make it look like grass. Have your children glue the words to the front of the cup.

5. To finish decorate the cup with flower stickers or flower craft foam shapes.

Member's Peek a Boo Sheep Pattern

Instant Download Pattern $2.00 - Peek a Boo Sheep Purchase  Peek a Boo Sheep View Cart



"The Lost Sheep" Bible Lesson

Macaroni Sheep Bible Craft for Preschool Children from www.daniellesplace.com

In this lesson your children will learn that Jesus loves them and wants them to be good. When they do bad things it makes God very sad, but God will not leave them. He will keep calling them back to him. When they ask for forgiveness, God will come to them and forgive them. See our Free Sample Lesson.



"The Good Shepherd" Bible Lesson

God is like a good shepherd: He knows us, leads us, protects us, and keeps us from harm.

Member's The Good Shepherd Pattern



"Where is the Lost Sheep?" Printable Book

Where is the Lost Sheep?
Is he looking at the stars?
Or is he jumping over the moon?
Is he in the desert?
Or is he in the basket?
Is he in the bathtub?
Or is he on the ball?
Where is the lost sheep?
Is he in the house?
Or behind the bush?
Is he behind the fence?
Or resting against the tree?
Is he in the clouds?
Where is the lost sheep?
Here is the lost sheep, the lost-then-found-sheep, with the shepherd of course!

"Where is the Lost Sheep" Printable book
lost sheep printable book

This Printable Book goes along with the lesson The Lost Sheep on The Resource Room. It is available in color or black and white.

Member's Lost Sheep Printable Book Pattern1

©2011, Digital by Design, Inc. See Copyright Information



"Where is the Lost Sheep" Printable Coloring Book

Parable of the Lost Sheet Printable Coloring Book from www.daniellesplace.com

This craft is not only a coloring book, but a story about the lost sheep. With simple, repetitive words children will enjoy reading it along with you.

Patterns are available on The Resource Room to members only in black and white or color.

Member's Where is the Lost Sheep Printable Coloring Book Pattern2



Play the "Lost  Sheep Game"

Before class hide a stuffed sheep somewhere in the room or outside. After you read the story, have some one dressed up like a shepherd come into the room and pretend to be looking for the lost sheep and calling for the sheep to come. The shepherd can then ask the children if they saw his lost sheep and ask them to help him find the sheep. When the sheep is found,  the children can help the shepherd celebrate with juice and a  snack.  The search and find sheet below also goes along nicely with this lesson.



Play a Memory Game

Place ten or more items on a table covered  with a cloth. Have the children study the items. Tell them to  close their eyes. Take away one item and then ask the  children which item is missing. After playing the game explain to the children that Jesus knows where they are at all times and knows  each of us by name. He knew us before we were even  born. If one of us leaves or gets lost Jesus will come and find us.

Just to let you know everything I have used is wonderful. All of it! I have a Sunday School with just my daughter and I helping. We never know how many children and their ages vary from 3-11. So your site has been an answer to prayer. I love to see the crafts before I make them. We live in a small town and have little access to Materials. I have used other curriculum but this is user friendly. I have also used it for ideas for Kid's club. We have about 24 kids come after school once a month. Interfaith sponsored. It is great. For VBS I will be using your site too. The Lord has made it light and easy. God Bless your ministry! Your Sister in Christ, Shelley



No-sew Sheep Sock Puppet Craft for Kids from www.daniellesplace.com

No-Sew Sheep Sock Puppet

Use the No Sew Sheep Puppet to tell the story of the Lost Lamb from the lambs point of view.

Go to the Puppets Crafts and Learning Activities Page for directions.



Pretend to be Sheep

Have the children pretend to be sheep and follow a teacher around the room who is dressed up as a shepherd.  The shepherd can also pretend to protect the sheep from a lion or wild animal (another person dressed up).



Play a "Doggy, Doggy, Who has your bone?" Type Game

Have the children sit in a circle with their hands behind their backs. Select one child to be the "shepherd".  The shepherd sits in the center of the circle with his eyes closed. Have all children put their hands behind their backs. The leader walks around the outside of the circle and secretly places a small stuffed sheep in the hands of one of the children in the circle. (If you have older children, instead of the leader placing the sheep in one of the child's hand, the leader can give the sheep to one of the children.  The children then try to secretly pass the sheep from child to child until the leader tells the shepherd to find the sheep.) When the leader says "find the sheep", the shepherd in the center has 3 chances to guess who has the sheep behind his back in his hands. Take turns having the children be the "shepherd".



Play "Find The Lost Sheep" Card Game

This game is like concentration except their is an extra card with a sheep on it. If the child finds this card he wins.

Member's God is Our Shepherd Sheep Bulletin Board Display Pattern3



Make a Bulletin Board Display

Sheep Bulletin Board Display

A printable pattern is available to members on The Resource Room.

Member's God is Our Shepherd Sheep Bulletin Board Display Pattern3

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"The Parable of the Lost Sheep" and "The Good Shepherd" Sunday School Craft Ideas


Cotton Ball Sheep Craft

"The Parable of the Lost Sheep" and "The Good Shepherd"  Bible Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

The sheep craft is available to members on The Resource Room.

Member's pattern4



He Makes Me Lie Down in Green Pastures Paper Plate Sheep Craft

Sheep Paper Plate Craft with cottonballs from www.daniellesplace.com

This craft is made from three paper plates and four 5 ounce Dixie cups.

Member's pattern4



Paper Cup Sheep for Sunday School

sunday school Paper cup sheep bible craft for Sunday School from www.daniellesplace.com

Cut two holes in the side of a paper cup at the bottom so that a child can put his hand inside the paper cup and stick two fingers through the holes. Glue cotton balls all around the outside of the cup. (You must use a paper cup so that the cotton balls and glue will stick.) When the glue is dry, draw a sheep face on the bottom of the cup. Show your children how to put their fingers through the holes to make the sheep's feet. Idea sent in by Pam



Make a Foam Marshmallow Sheep

Marshmallow Sheep Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

You will have to glue these together before class and have your children glue on cotton balls or macaroni noodles in class. They can also color the hooves and ears, and draw in the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Member's pattern4



"The Lord is My Shepherd" Activity Sheet

Sheep Noodle Craft

Children glue macaroni noodles to the picture for the sheep's curly fur and then color the picture. You can use popped pop corn instead of the noodles.

Member's pattern5



Sheep With Shaking Head Cup Craft

Sheep with Shaking Head Cup Craft for kids  from www.daniellesplace.com

This little sheep looks great in your car. It shakes its head up and down as you drive. The pattern for this craft is available to members on The Resource Room.

Member's pattern5



Shepherd Boy Holding a Sheep Bible Craft

Shepherd Boy Holding a Sheep Bible Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

Children color the pattern and then tape the sides together into a cone shape so that the shepherd stands up. (Pattern available to members only on The Resource Room)

Member's pattern5



Popcorn Sheep and Clouds Bible Craft

Popcorn Sheep Craft for Sunday School from www.daniellesplace.com

Children glue popped popcorn onto the clouds and sheep to complete the picture.

Member's pattern5

See the Sheep Crafts and Learning Activities Page for even more sheep crafts.



Books About the Parable of the Lost Sheep for Sunday School

The Lost & Found Lamb

"The Lost & Found Lamb" a Peek-a-Bible book written by Tracey Harrast is a great way to introduce the story to youngsters  2 - 5 years old.  A little sheep named Woolie jumps a wall and gets himself lost. The good shepherd takes off looking for Woolie but not before he puts up a lost sheep sign.  He looks everywhere for him, calling his name.  The children lift up flaps in the book to help the shepherd find Woolie. At the end of the story they have a "Welcome home, Woolie" party with cake and candles and all different kinds of animals are invited.  This cartoon style book is a lot of fun and teaches the children about Jesus' love for them in a fun and interesting way.

The Shepherd Who Searched (Stories Jesus Told)

If you can't find "The Lost and Found Lamb", another good book for younger children is "The Shepherd Who Searched (Stories Jesus Told)", by Margaret Williams. It has very cute pictures. There is a whole series of these books that would be great to include in your Sunday school lessons.


One Lost Sheep

One Lost Sheep

“Step, step, step

up mountain, steep.

Where, oh where,

 is that lost sheep?”

The faithful shepherd counts his 100 sheep and realizes that one of them is missing! Under brambles, behind rocks, the shepherd looks until he finds it again. Children will delight in this fun and engaging tale as they learn that God, like the faithful shepherd, will never let them stray.

©2009, Digital by Design, Inc. -* See Copyright Information


I praise my Lord that I found your website, I am not a computer person, but just having "Daniellesplace" is a great blessing to me. I used many stories in my Sunday school class (4 & 5) and in Awana story time and its always a great success. Thank you so much and God bless you. Yours very truly Benedikta



"The Good Shepherd" Sunday School Activities


The Good Shepherd Printable game board for kids for sunday school  from www.daniellesplace.com


Play a Sheep Game

The children in this game are sheep. The object of the game is to get to the green pasture first by throwing the die and moving forward the amount of spaces indicated on the die. If a sheep lands on a purple situation space, the sheep picks up a situation card and does what it says on the card. The sheep can lose a turn, or move forward or backward spaces depending on the situation. (The Printable Game Board is available to members on The Resource Room.)

Member's pattern7

Give each child a sheep game piece (Printable Patterns available on The Resource Room) and have them write their names on the back. To play have the children take turns throwing the die and moving ahead that many spaces. If a child lands on a purple space, he has to pick up a card and do what it says. If he lands on something other than the purple space he stays there. The first child to reach the new pasture first wins.

Member's pattern7




We played the Lost Sheep game and really enjoyed it. I made little sheep for the game board by using the top left sheep graphic in the coloring page. I printed a number of these out onto cardboard and stuck a cotton ball to the back of it (this was to give it a little stability - though not 100% successful!). I then drew a different colored bow onto each sheep to distinguish them and they looked quite cute. We used a 2 liter juice carton with colored dots on it to make a dice and this was very successful for my age of my girls (preschool). Vicki

I enlarged the game board to fit on the floor of my room (using three sheets of brown wrapping paper glued together and green fabric as the grass). Instead of using sheep as movers, the children were their own moving piece. The game went over very well with the children. I look forward to using more of this series. Thanks, Theresa

You can use different colors of construction paper or felt pieces for the spaces and green fabric for the pastures. Just tape them down to the floor.



Play "Gathering Your Sheep" Balloon Game

What you will need: One Balloon "Sheep" Per Child, Newspaper, Masking Tape, Two Chairs, Electric Fan


1. Inflate balloons and draw sheep face, ears, and tails on them with wide markers.

2. Set up the two chairs at one end of the room, and a masking tape start line at the other end.

3. Give each child a few sheets of newspaper. Show them how to roll it into a "rod" and put enough tape on it to make it stiff.

How to Play:

1. The children are going to make-believe they are shepherds and herd their flock through the gate.

2. Tell them the rules before hand. "Anyone caught hitting someone with their rod will have to sit out of the game."

3. Have 5-6 children stand at the start line with their balloon between their feet. The first one to push their "sheep" balloon across the floor with their "rod" to the "gate" is the winner of that round. They are allowed to blow on other kids "sheep" to get them off track, or wave their "rod" to blow the others "sheep" away, but they may not touch each others "sheep", only their own. To make the game more challenging, turn the fan on "low" and place it behind the "gate", which will push the balloons back towards the start line.


Memory Cross