Bible Games for Sunday School, Children's Ministry, and Outreach

Bible Lesson Review Games and Bible Verse Review Games that are quick and easy to prepare that can be used for just about any Bible Lesson Including:

Fast and Easy Games for Kids

All Fast and Easy GamesFast and Easy Bible Games for Sunday School from

Active Bible Games

Ball Bible Games

Balloon Bible Games

Bean Bag Toss Games

Chopstick Bible Games

Cup Bible Games

Dice Bible Verse Review Games

Domino or Block Bible Games

Paper Bible Games

Creative Sunday School Games

Index Cards and Sticky Note Games

White Board Bible Games

Craft Stick Bible Games

No-Preparation Bible Verse Review Games

Easter Games for Children's Ministry


Printable Bible Games for Sunday School

All Printable Bible GamesPrintable Bible Games for Sunday School from

Bible Board Games

Printable Books of the Bible Games

Printable Bingo Games

Printable Toss Games

Pin-the-Tail Games

Bible Dice Games

Printable Bible Verse Review Games

Printable Bible Match Games

Printable Bible Card Games

Scavenger Hunt Games

Bible Charade Games

Printable Bible Bean Bag Games


Printable Activity Sheets for Sunday School

Activity Sheets for Sunday School - Puzzles,
Dot-to-Dot, Find the Word, Mazes, etc.


Mystery Messages

Bible Verse Mystery worksheet

Dot-to-Dot Bible Verse
Activity Sheet

Dot-to-dot Fall Activity Sheet

Search and Find
Activity Sheets

Searh and Find Sheet


Go to the Printable Activity Sheets for Sunday School Page to find a list of all games, mazes, puzzles, crosswords, dot-to-dots etc.


You can find more fun Bible verse review games on The Resource Room! Every Sunday School lesson includes a Bible verse review game, crafts, and activities to reinforce the lesson.


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Free Sunday School Lesson
Psalm 139 - God Knows Me


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