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The ideas for these Cain and Abel crafts and activities come from the printable Sunday lesson on The Resource Room, a members-only section of Danielle's Place.

In this lesson children learn about Cain and Abel, and how Cain made the wrong choice. They learn that sin separates us from God. Sin requires punishment, but God is a kind and loving God and forgives us, and restores our relationship with him if we confess our sins and ask for forgiveness.

Included in this lesson is the printable Bible Verse coloring sheet pictured to the right. The Bible verse is 1 John 1:9.



Cain and Abel Paper Bag Dolls

Cain and Abel Paper Plate Dolls Bible Craft for Children's Sunday School from

What you will need:

Paper Lunch Bags

Paint Sticks or Other Support such as Cardboard

Colored Pencils or crayons

Tan cardstock or Tagboard

Low Temp Mini Glue Gun

Ribbon other Material


Plastic Grocery Bags (Recycle)

Heavy Duty Paper Bowls


How to Make the Cain and Abel Characters

Paper Bag Doll Craft Diagram1. Place a rock or something heavy at the bottom of a brown lunch bag. Place a paint stick or other support such as card board inside the bag so it is sticking out the top.

2. Stuff the bag with plastic grocery bags. Gather the top of the bag around the paint stick or support and glue it to the paint stick or support.

3. Cut the edges off around the two paper bowls, leaving just enough edge to glue the two paper bowls together. Glue a bowl to one side of the bag and support and then glue another paper bowl to the other bowl top to top. Paint the bowl flesh color.

Paper Bag Doll Craft Diagram 24. Draw a face on the bowl or use the printable patterns and glue one to the bowl. (Patterns available to members.)

5. Cut the front out of a colored gift bag to make the head covering as shown in the picture. Place the bag on the paper bowl head and glue it down. Tie a ribbon or material around the head covering.

6. To make the cloak cut another brown down the side to the bottom of the bag and then cut off the bottom so that you have flat piece of paper. Color the bag and then wrap it around the Bible character's body as shown in the picture. Fold down the corners to make the collar and glue it to the body.

7. Draw arms and feet on cards stock (Printable patterns are available to members), color them, cut them out, and glue them to the body as shown in the picture.

8. To finish draw a sheep, a carrot of other vegetables, color them and cut them out (Printable patterns available to members) and glue them to the arms.

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Color a Bible Verse Picture

Cain and Abel Activity Sheet for Children's Sunday School from


Younger children will enjoy this activity sheet. They glue small pictures to the hands of Cain and Abel and then color the sheet.

(The Printable Pattern is available to members on The Resource Room.)

This activity sheet goes along with the Cain and Abel Bible lesson on The Resource Room.






Act Out the Story

Place your children in groups of three and have each group practice making a skit about Cain and Abel and then have all the groups perform their skits in front of the class. If possible record the skits and replay them in class.


Play a Relay Game

Before class write words and phrases describing Cain and Abel on wooden clothespins and place them in a large bowl. In class divide your children up into two teams and place the bowl in the middle of the two teams just before the start line. Place empty jars at the end of the room across from each team. You will need two jars for each team one that says, "Cain" and one that says, "Abel". Each child, in turn, picks up a clothespin, reads the phrase, and then runs to the other side of the room, and drops the clothespin in the appropreate jar. They must hold their arms straight out in front of them so that their arms are parallel to the floor. When the bowl is empty the game is over. The team that has the most correct clothespins in the jars wins.

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