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Moses Crosses the Red Sea Bible Lesson and Craft Ideas

Moses Crafts and Learning Activities


Moses Stretching Out His Hand Craft

Moses raising his hand with a noodle beard Bible craft from www.daniellesplace.com

Children color the picture of Moses and attach his arm with a brass brad so that it can be lowered and raised to review the Bible story.

Moses' beard is made from Macaroni noodles that have been painted white and glued to the paper.

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Memory Book Pages

Sunday School Bible Craft Moses Crosses the Red Sea from www.daniellesplace.com

Older children would also enjoy making memory pages of their lessons. This will also help them to remember what they have learned.

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"God Leads Us" Printable Book

Sunday School Bible Craft God Leads Us Book Picture from www.daniellesplace.com

God showed them the way
With a cloud by day,
And at night
He used a bright firelight.

Children color a mini book about God leading the Israelites.

He leads us today in another way.
Open your Bible and you will see
How you can also be free.

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Part the Red Sea Balloon Game

Sunday School Bible Craft Games and Activities from www.daniellesplace.com

Before class blow up a lot of blue balloons and place them in the middle of the floor. Divide your children up into two teams.

Each team should stand at opposite ends of the room. Remind your children that God separated the water so that there was a wall of water on both sides and dry land on which the Israelites could walk. Tell them that they are going to "separate" the water and see who can make the biggest wall of "water". Demonstrate how to pick up a balloon, rub it on yourself or the carpet and then get it to stick to the wall.

On the word go each child should grab a balloon from the pile on the floor, rub the balloon on his or her clothes or hair and try to stick it to the wall on his team's side of the room. If a child gets it to stick on the wall, he can then go and get another balloon. After a certain amount of time call out, "Stop!" Count the number of balloons stuck to each wall. The team with the most wins. This idea comes from The Resource Room.

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Bible Verse Review Game

Write the words of the Bible verse on the balloons, one word per balloon. Make two sets. Divide your children up into two teams. Write the Bible verse on the board so all the children can see it. Go over it several times. Use only part of the verse for younger children. On the word "go" each team should try to put their set of balloons in order to spell out the Bible verse. The team that does it first wins.

If you have very young children, don't divide them up into teams. Just place all the balloons in the center of the room. Show your children the first word of the verse and then ask them to see if the can find the word on one of the balloons. When a child has found the right balloon tape the balloon to the wall. Keep playing until all the words have been found. This idea comes from The Resource Room.

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These lessons are fab, very clearly laid out & fun packed. Thank you. Best wishes Judie



Re-enactment of Moses Parts the Red Sea

Use a large blue sheet to represent the Red Sea. Lay the sheet on the floor, an adult holding each side. Divide the class into two groups. Have the Egyptians pursue the Israelites to the edge of the sheet. Say, “Do not be afraid, the Lord will protect.” Raise the sheet and let the Israelites run under the sheet to the other side. When the Egyptians pursue, bring the sheet down on top of them. Take turns. Sent in by Maria O'Meara.



Jell-O Re-enactment

Make a loaf pan of red Jell-O. Print out little people. (You can glue them on craft sticks if you want.) Part the "Red Sea" by stacking Jell-O to the sides of the pan. Have the stick people walk through the parted Jell-O. Sent in by Kay

A complete lesson about Moses crossing the Red Sea is available on The Resource Room including crafts, activities, songs, etc.

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