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Fruit of the Spirit Lesson 5 - Gentleness


In this lesson Squirmy Worms learns about gentleness. He isn't careful with his tomato plant and it breaks. Children learn how Paul became a gentle person after he met Jesus on the Road to Damascus.

A Complete Lesson can be found on The Resource Room.



"Gentleness and Love Go Hand in Hand" Color Sheet

Hand in hand color sheet from wwww.daniellesplace.com

This color sheet has the following words:

Gentleness and Love go hand in hand.

Against hate and lies they take a stand.

They take care not to hurt.
They never push or pull someone's shirt.

They speak softly and don't yell
when things don't go so well.

They don't call mean names
or ever lay the blame.

They keep control when they are mad.
They look for the good and not the bad.

Yes, they go together, hand and hand,
Spreading hope across the land.
©2004 Carolyn Warvel

The color sheet comes with a picture of two children holding hands or you can use the poem without the picture and have your children use their handprints to make a picture to go along with the poem. Have your children dip each hand into different colors of paint and then press them on the paper. When the handprints are dry write the word "Love" on one handprint and "Gentleness" on the other. This Pattern is available to members on The Resource Room.



Tomato Balloons

sunday school veggie tale tomato balloons bible craft from www.daniellesplace.com

Child tape eyes, mouths pattern, noses and feet onto a balloon. (This craft will be used for an activity below.) (A Pattern for this craft is available to members only. Click on the lesson link to go to The Resource Room for the complete lesson.)



Taste Tomatoes

Bring in cut up pieces of tomatoes and let the children taste them. You may also want to bring in some sugar and let the children dip their piece of tomato in the sugar. Talk about tomatoes, how soft they are and how you have to be very gentle and careful handling tomatoes because they bruise easily. You can bring in some apples, pears and other firmer fruits and compare them to the tomatoes. The idea is to show the children that they have take more care when they are handling the tomatoes.



Tomato Stress Balls

Sunday school tomato stress balls Bible craft from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Heavy duty (Use the strongest balloons you can find) red balloons


a funnel

green fun foam

and a permanent marker

How to make:

1. Cut tomato leaf shapes from green fun foam and punch a hole in the middle and write the Bible verse or the word "gentleness" on the leaf with a permanent marker.

2. Help your children fill up red balloons with flour using a funnel.

3. Stick the top of the balloon through the hole in the leaf. Tie the balloon. Let your children draw faces on the balloon with a permanent marker. Tell your children that when we are under stress we sometimes aren't as gentle as we should be. When things are going their way or they are very frustrated they can squeeze the balloons and ask God to help them not to loose control.



Play a Bible Verse Review Game

Fruit of the Spirit Bible Verse Review Game for Sunday School from ww.daniellesplace.com where learning is fun!

This game uses a die with the words from the Bible verse on it. There are two different patterns, one for younger children with the words already on the worm, and the other for older children without words.

How to Play:

1. Before class go over the Bible verse. Write it on a sheet of paper or on the board to help younger children.

2. Give each child one of the worm patterns.

3. To play children take turns throwing the die. Older children write in the word they rolled in the appropriate space on their worms. Younger child color the appropriate segment of the worm. If a child rolls the same word twice, he doesn't do anything on his turn.

4. Keep playing until a child has colored in all the segments. (A Pattern for this craft is available to members only. Click on the lesson link to go to The Resource Room for the complete lesson.)



Gentle Relay Race

sunday school gentle relay race tomato balloons bible craft from www.daniellesplace.com

Place your children into teams. Have a relay race between the teams. Each child places his tomato balloon down in front of himself on the floor and uses a newspaper bat to gently push the balloon across the floor. If the balloon falls over the child has to start again. Emphasize that they have to be gentle with the balloon or they will fall over.



Hot Tomato

Play like "Hot Potato" except use a tomato. Tell the children that they will have to be gentle because tomatoes are a lot softer then potatoes.



Gentle Balloon Toss

Have your children throw red water balloons (tomatoes) into a bucket or other object. Remind them that they have to be gentle with the balloons or they will break. If a child's balloon breaks, he has to say the Bible verse. After all the children have had a chance to throw their balloon, move the bucket farther away from the throw line. Keep playing until all the balloons have broken except one. The last child holding an unbroken balloon wins. Discuss times when it is hard to be gentle.



Make Gentleness Soup

We added something the kids really enjoyed. One of our helpers dresses up as "Chef Jellybean" about once a month and we tie in some part of the lesson to his character. This week, he made "gentleness soup" with a pot, spoon, and some spices. He would pick up a spice and say something like this, "Ok boys and girls, this spice is called 'calling names'. Do I need to put this in my gentleness soup." Do this with several bad spices and be sure to put in some good ones too. The kids love it. Sent in by Mr. Ricky



Fruit of the Spirit Ideas from Readers:


My daughters were having a hard time (as we all do sometimes) exercising the Fruit of the Spirit. I printed off some fruit pictures and printed a Fruit of the Spirit on each one of the fruit. I then found a basket picture in a clipart program of mine and attached a small magnet to the back of it and to each of the fruit pieces and stuck it on my refrigerator. As my children exemplified a certain fruit during the day, I told them they could go to the refrigerator and place that fruit in their basket (They each had their name printed on their basket.) The goal was to see who could fill up their basket during the day. It worked very well ! Kerrie Wade

Make a Fruit of the Spirit Lapbook to go along with these lessons - 1+1+1=1 Blog has a picture and directions on how she made a lapbook using the printouts from these lessons.


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