Creation Crafts for Sunday School

Creation Crafts for Day 2 of Creation


The following ideas come from the lesson "God Creates the Sky" on The Resource Room


Make Water and Cloud Pictures

(Preschool) Give each child a piece of Reynolds blue plastic wrap, a blue sheet of paper, and cotton balls, popped corn, or cloud shapes (See below). Have them glue the plastic wrap to the bottom of the page for water and the cotton balls or popcorn to the top of the page for clouds. Write the Bible on the picture when they are finished.

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Decorate a Frame for a Bible Verse Picture

sunday school cloud bible craft(Preschool - Second) Print out the Bible verse pictures (A picture for this craft is available on The Resource Room) and cut them out. Glue them to the center of a matching piece of colored paper.

Have your children glue cotton balls, popcorn, or cloud shapes (Available on The Resource Room) around the edge of the picture to make a frame. Bring in all three and let them decide which they want to use. You can also have them sponge paint with white paint to make cloud shapes.

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Activity Sheet

sunday school hidden word activity sheet bible craft(First - Third) Print out the activity sheets (Available on The Resource Room) before class.

Have your children color the picture to reveal what God called the expanse.

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Observe Clouds

Take your children outside to look at the sky and clouds. Ask them what they see in the sky. If there are clouds, ask them if the clouds look like anything familiar.

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Play with Balloons

(Preschool) - Give your children balloons and take them outside. Tell them to see how long they can keep their balloons in the sky. Older children will enjoy playing with a partner. See which team of two children can keep their balloon in the air the longest.

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Divide the Water From the Water Game

(Older children) Before class blow up at least 5 white balloon and 5 blue balloons. Divide your play area into three sections - clouds, sky and water in that order. Place all the balloons in the middle (sky) section. Divide your children up into teams of two - four players depending on the size of your room. Tell your children that the white balloons represent clouds and the blue balloons represent water. The object of the game is to divide the water from the water by blowing the white balloons into the cloud section above the sky and the blue balloons into the water section below the sky. They children are not aloud to touch the balloons with any part of their bodies. They can wave their hands to make wind or blow with their mouths. Time each team. The team that accomplishes the task in the shortest amount of time wins. Before each team starts ask the team how God created the sky - "he separated the water from the water".

(Preschool Children) - Set up the playing area as described above but do not use teams. Just let the children try to blow the balloons in the right direction.

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Balloon Bible Verse Review Game

Write the words to the Bible verse on the balloons, one word per balloon. Use only part of the verse for younger children. Use the same teams as above. Write the Bible verse on the board. Mix up the balloons on the floor and on the word go teams take turns finding the balloons with words and placing them in order to spell out the Bible verse. The team that does it the quickest wins. If you have younger children just have them find the words and hand them to you. You can place them in order as the children find them.

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God Created the Sky Snack

Bring in Graham crackers, cream cheese icing that has been dyed blue, and mini marshmallows. Have your children ice their crackers with the blue cream cheese and add marshmallows to one side of the cracker for clouds and use a fork to draw wavy lines on the other side for water.

A complete lesson is available on The Resource Room

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