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Daniel and the Lions Crafts and Activities




“God Saved Daniel From the Lions” Bible Lesson for Children

In this Lesson children learn that they can trust God to help them. God will help them be strong and stand firm against what is wrong when they ask God for help. (Available to members only.)



"In the News" - Bible Lesson about Daniel
for Older Children


Spread the "Good News" Bible Lesson Crafts and Activities for Children's Sunday School from www.daniellesplace.com


See the Daniel Bible Craft Page for more information.


A Complete List is available to members on The Resource Room.

(This activity goes along with the Daniel in the Lion's Den Sunday School lesson for Older Children.)

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Daniel Makes Good Choices

sunday school wwjd coloring sheet bible craft


Lessons and Crafts about Daniel and Making Good Choices. The following lessons and crafts are available on The Resource Room a subscription site.

"Daniel Makes a Good Choice" Bible lesson - In this lesson children learn about Daniel and how he chose to do the right thing and not give into the pressures around him.





The following lessons and crafts are available on The Resource Room a subscription site.


“Jesus and His Disciples” Bible Lesson

Disciples in a Boat Craft www.daniellesplace.com

In this Lesson The children learn that Jesus had twelve disciples and that they can be one too.


1. Make a boat with the twelve disciples in it. (Pattern available on The Resource Room.)

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The Twelve Disciples Folding Craft Stick Bible Craft for Sunday School

The Disciples Folding Craft Stick Bible Craft for Sunday School www.daniellesplace.com


The craft sticks are taped together so that when they are pushed together from the sides they fan fold up into a compact stack of sticks for storage. Unfold the stack and the disciples appear standing next to each. Children will enjoy drawing each of the disciples and then writing the names of the disciples on the back of the sticks.

What you will need:

Woodsies Mini Jumbo Craft Sticks -4.5" 50/Pkg - Use good quality craft sticks that lay flat. The 5/8" work perfect with the one-inch tape. *You can use the Woodsies Jumbo Craft Sticks with the 1.5 Inch - 3M Scotch Masking Tape for a bigger Canvas.

3M Scotch Masking Tape, 1-Inch - Other brands will work, but this tape works great! It is the exact color of the craft sticks. (Staple's Tape works better with the washable markers, but it is lighter than the stick and more transparent and doesn't cover the stick as well.)

Permanent Markers, crayons, or colored pencils - (The washable markers don't work well because they smear on the tape.)

How to Make the Disciple's Folding Craft Stick Display:

folding craft stick craft

1. This technique will create two sets of twelve people. Place two sticks together, side by side, and tape them together covering both the sticks with the tape. You don't have to cover the rounded ends of the sticks. If you line the sticks up so that they aren't even on the side, you will have people of different heights.

2. Turn the two sticks over so that they are diagonal to you.

3. Place another craft stick next to and below the two sticks that you taped together. Use another piece of tape to tape the bottom two sticks together.

4. Turn all three sticks over diagonally and place another stick at the bottom of the row and tape the last two sticks together. Keep going until you have twelve craft sticks in a row.

5. You can also cover the first and last stick in the row by placing tape over the stick and then folding it back over the stick. It is easier to write on the tape than the craft stick. The ink soaks into the sticks and blurs.

6. Cut a straight line down the row of craft sticks. It is much easier to cut the craft sticks with the tape on them because the craft sticks don't crack. Use a good quality scissors to cut the sticks.

Children can use permanent markers, pens, or colored pencils to draw the disciples faces, hair, and clothes on the sticks. Have them write the disciples' names on the back of the sticks.

If a child messes up while working on his canvas, you can pull off the tape where he messed up and replace it with new tape.

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DOG Lessons


Depend On God

Crafts and Activities

Use the craft and activities from "Beware of the Dogs" or the Watchdog Lessons on the Resource Room.

sunday school dog with bible verse bible craft

1. Make a Dog Picture in which on of the ears move and the dog is holding a paper with the words, "Depend on God", or an appropriate Bible verse.

2. Make "Stand Up Dogs" - This is a very simple craft. You just print out the pattern, color and fold in half. There are four different types of dogs available.

3. Make a Faithful Dog - Use this dog for a Bible verse review game. Print one word of the verse on each bone. Instruct your children to try and find the first word of the verse. If they find the correct word, they can feed the dog. Keep playing until all the bones are gone.

4. Play a Game with Paw Prints - Before class cut out some large paw prints. Make enough to have one for each word of the Bible verse. Write one word of the verse on each print. Tape the paw prints in order of the verse around the room. Make it go around in circles, over and under chairs, around tables, and cross paths. See if the children can follow the paw prints to spell out the Bible verse. You may want to have a doggy treat at the end of the path. If you have younger children, write the verse on the board so they can look at it if they have problems.

5. Sing a Song to the Tune of "How Much is That Doggie in the Window" written by Teri Couture

How much did it cost to buy my pardon
To wash and to sanctify me?
How much did it cost my Lord and Saviour?
Just look at the cross and you'll see.

I must give all praise and all thanksgiving
To the great King who rescued my soul
I'll love Him forever and forever
Now my body and spirit are whole.

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DOG - Get Your Paws On a Good Book - Bible Reading

sunday school paws on a good book bible craft

I used a daily Bible reading theme by using a dog (similar to the one on your page) holding a Bible. I called it "Get Your Paws on the Good Book." Each child got a weekly "doggie bag"(a brown paper bag) with 7 dog bones (copied onto tan construction paper) with a daily Bible verse and a question about the reading. Each child brought his/her bag back each week with their signature and parent's initial that each passage was read and the question answered. I asked the parents to participate to encourage family devotions. Carol Weddle

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Ecclesiastes Sunday School Lessons - Crafts and Activities

Go to the Mary and Martha Page for Crafts and Activities to go with this lesson.

Time for Everything Activity Sheet from www.daniellesplace.com
A Time for Every Thing Activity Sheet 2 from www.daniellesplace.com

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sunday school Memory Cross bible crafat


Just a quick note to say thank you for your site. I'm looking for meaningful crafts to do at my daughter's Christmas/birthday party coming up soon and really appreciate the ideas. I've also just started running a large children's church program without a lot of materials, so also appreciate ideas for that. Many thanks for your very helpful ministry! Jan Fischer Bachman

I just wanted to take the time to let you know how much I have enjoyed you site!!! Thank you and may God bless you this holiday season! Lori G.