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Jungle Animals Learn About Christmas

A Puppet Script for Three Puppets and a Leader


Stan - a grumpy, boisterous gorilla puppet;

Snake - a happy-go-lucky crocodile puppet

Elie - a sweet-natured elephant puppet.


Scenery: A sign saying "All-Friends Zoo", various Christmas decorations for the stage, such as garland, lights, etc.

Props: A red Santa hat, red heart, two small presents. Crocodile could have a red bow around his neck, elephant could have a Christmas T-shirt on.


A relaxing-type Christmas song is playing softly in the background, like Silent Night. Stan is sitting grumpily on one side of the stage, mostly silent, making a few sighs now and then. Snake is contentedly slithering across the stage and playing by himself, peering over the stage, looking down at the children, disappearing, and then reappearing, every once in a while gives a wide yawn, displaying his teeth.

Music stops.

Elie appears, singing happily "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones I used to know..."

Stan: (waving one hand toward Elie in disgust) What're ya talkin' about? You've never seen a white Christmas!

Elie: I know, but I still like to dream...(dances dreamily around the stage, humming the same tune)

Snake: (joins in harmony with Elie, but voice overpowers Elie's voice) "I'm dreaming of a large, red hen, just like the ones I used to eat..."

Elie: (stopping abruptly) Hey! That's not the way the song goes!

Stan: (with a hearty laugh) Ha, ha .... (slaps his leg) That's a good one, yeah!

Elie: (adamantly) You guys don't understand!

Stan: (after a grumpy "Hmph!") What's there to understand?

Elie: We are going to see snow this year!

Stan: I'll believe it when I see it!

Elie: Don't you know, we're not living in the jungle anymore! It's getting colder out there! Can't you tell?

Stan: (gets real close to Elie's face) No, I don't believe you!

Snake: (consolingly) It's alright, Elie! It doesn't matter, really. He'll figure it out when he sees the snow in the zoo parking lot!

Elie: Yea, I suppose you're right! I'm sure glad I know what Christmas is all about though! And it's NOT snow!

Stan: I know what Christmas is about, too! Here, let me show you! (disappears for a moment)

Snake & Elie: (look at each other quizzically) Huh? Where's he goin'?

Stan: (reappears with red Santa hat-says grouchily) Ho, ho, ho, everybody!

Snake & Elie: (begin to laugh)

Snake: Some people think that's what Christmas is all about!

Elie: But it's not!

Snake: No! Santa's a nice person, and all, but that's NOT what Christmas is all about! I know, let me show you . . .

Stan: Now where's he goin'?

Elie: Beats me!

Snake: (Reappears with a present for each, gives one to each)

Elie: Oh, Snake, that's very generous of you-thank you! Hey, why are you called Snake when you're a crocodile?

Snake: Because I slither...see! (slithers around the stage)

Stan: Yes, even I have to say thank you, Snake!

Elie: (gently) But that's still not what Christmas is really all about!

Snake: Well, what then?

Stan: Yea, what do you mean?

Elie: Just a minute, I'll be right back.

Snake: Now what could she possibly ...

Elie: (returns holding a heart) It's all about love!

Stan: Ah, don't give me any of that sappy stuff!

Snake: Where did you come up with that, you silly elephant!

Elie: My Sunday School teacher told me! It's the story of how God became like us-in fact, he was born as a little baby to this couple named Mary & Joseph... Hey, you guys want to hear more?

Stan: Sounds strange to me...how do you know it's true?

Snake: Yea, why should I believe such a story?

Elie: It's in my Bible-and God's Word is true. God had a wonderful plan to save everyone in the world from their sins, so He sent His only Son to us to be born. Mary was His mother...

Snake: Hey, I think I've heard something about this story-but I thought God's Son died!

Elie: You're right, Snake. But that was after He grew up. His name is Jesus. His birth is what we celebrate at Christmas time. He grew up and became a man. Then He was nailed to a cross. You see, He died in our place and then He came back to life. He still lives. So we can still celebrate His birthday today. Hey, would you guys like to hear the whole story from the Bible?

Snake: Yea, Elie-you've got me interested!

Stan: Well, if Snake is listening, I might as well listen, too.

Elie: I know someone who would like to share that story with us! ________ said she'd [he'd] come by today and read the story from the Bible for us.
Okay, listen carefully! Boys and girls, will you show Stan and Snake how to be good listeners?

The story: Luke 2:1-20 (light can move over to a cozy spot, perhaps an arm chair by a Christmas tree, where the reader is seated, soft music in the background, like "Away in the Manger", the story is read.)

Elie: Now, guys, that's really what Christmas is about! Jesus, the Savior of the world, was born! Aren't you glad?

Snake: I'm so glad to know the real story, Elie.

Stan: Yeah, even I think it's a cool story.



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