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Fishers of Men Bible Crafts

Bible Crafts and Games about Fishers of Men for Children's Ministry


The crafts on this page come from the Sunday School lesson "Go Fish". Check out our Free Sample Lesson.


Crafts from the "Go Fish" Bible Lesson:



Make a Stuffed Fish

Cut fish shapes out of newspaper, staple or tape almost completely closed, stuff with shredded paper or newspaper, staple shut. Hang from fishing line or put in fish net.



Fish T-Shirt

This one is best suited for VBS and primary classes. Each child brings a plain white T-shirt to class. You supply the REAL FISH. You need the whole fish, not just a fillet, tail and all. Lay out newspaper or drop cloth to cover the entire work surface. Lay each T-shirt flat on the work surface. Brush a thin layer of fabric paint onto the fish, being sure to use enough paint to cover the whole thing. CAREFULLY lay fish onto shirt, paint side down, and press hard. Remove gently. Don't use too much paint or the details won't show and the paint will be too thick to dry quickly. Let dry flat for a while, then hang on clothes line or use coat hangers. The day before you make the fish print, you could have the children use a fabric pen or paint to write the words "I will make you fishers of men" on the opposite side of the shirt from the fish print. **If you don't want to use a real fish, make oak tag templates or buy fish stencils for the same effect.**



Fish Under My Chair Activity

For children who can read, tape one fish to the bottom of each child's chair before class. Write a few words of the verse for the day on each fish. Attach a long piece of twine to the bulletin board or wall so that each end is attached to the wall horizontally. Have the children find the fish, put the verse in order and then clip the fish in that order to the fishing line using clothes pins. For a variation, have them fish from the pond for each fish, or put each fish cutout into a woven basket and have them pick one out then place in order on the fishing line.



Musical Fish

Use a stuffed fish (toy or one you make with newspaper) to pass around the circle of children seated on the floor inside the pond you have marked off. Play music (find "I will make you fishers of men" if you can) as the fish is being passed around. When the music stops, the child left holding the fish has been "caught" and moves back outside the pond area. When everyone has been "caught", move to the table for snack or craft.