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Miracles - Jesus Heals the Blind Man



Jesus Heals the Blind Man Paper Craft for Sunday School

Jesus Heals the Blind Man Craft for Sunday School or Children's Ministry from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:


Colored Pencils or Crayons


Clear Packaging Tape (Wide Tape)

Chocolate Pudding

Instructions for Younger Children:

1. Before class print out the blind man pattern and seeing man pattern and make copies. Cut the pattern out.

Member's Jesus Heals the Blind Man Craft Card Pattern

Instant Download Pattern $2.00 -  Jesus Heals the Blind Man Craft Purchase  Jesus Heals the Blind Man Craft View Cart 

Jesus Heals the Blind Man Craft for Younger Children - Children put pudding on the eyes and then wipe it off. Open the flaps and the blind man can see!

2. Make some chocolate pudding.

3. In class have your children color the pictures.

4. Fold the sides of the blind man picture back and turn the pattern over, unfold, and glue the seeing man picture in the center between the folds.

5. Have your children write on one side of the seeing man, "I was blind, but now I see!" and on the other side, "I believe."

6. Place pieces of clear packaging tape over the blind man's eyes. Let your children dip their fingers into the pudding and place it on the blind man's eyes, and then wipe it off, and open the paper to reveal the seeing man

Children can act out the story of Jesus healing the blind man using this craft. They fold the hands over the blind man's eyes then open the folded paper to reveal the man that can see!

Instructions for Older Children:

1. Before class print out the Hands Patterns, Blind Man Pattern and Seeing Man Pattern, and make copies.

Member's Instructions for Older Kids Card Pattern

2. Cut out the hand patterns and the seeing man pattern.

3. In class have your children color the pictures, and then fold the patterns.

4. Fold the sides of the blind man picture back, unfold, and glue the seeing man picture in the center between the folds. Fold the hands at the ends and glue them to the back of the blind man pictures and fold them forward over the blind man's eyes.

5. Have your children write on one side of the seeing man, "I was blind, but now I see!" and on the other side, "I believe."

See how to make this craft on our "View it and Do it" Craft video:



Jesus Heals the Blind Man Game for Sunday School

Jesus Heals the Blind Man Game from www.daniellesplace.com

This game goes along with the Bible Lesson "When the Blind Can See and the Seeing are Blind" on The Resource Room, where children learn that Jesus can heal us both physically and spiritually.

Objects or shapes that represent different spiritual concepts are placed in bags. Children reach into the bags, feel the objects, and try to figure out what they are.

The students can then try to guess what spiritual truth the objects represent, or the teacher can tell them.

What you will need:

Printable Shapes Patterns from The Resource Room or the Following Objects: Small Bible, Crown, Heart, Cross, Lamb Toy, Candle, Six Lunch Bags and Scissors

Blind Man Game Shapes from www.daniellesplace.com


Member's Blind Man Game Shapes Pattern3

1. Before class print out the shape patterns onto card stock (Heavy Paper) or collect the items listed. Place each shape or item in a bag.

2. In class have your children take turns trying to discover what shape or object is in the bag, and what it might represent relating to spiritual sight.

3. Give a bag to a child and tell him to reach into the bag and try to feel the object or paper shape that is in the bag and guess what it might be. If the child can't guess, have him give it to the next child to try.

4. After a child has guessed correctly read what is on the shape or explain how each item relates to spiritual sight.

Lamb - "Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!" John 1:29. When we recognize that Jesus is the lamb of God we gain spiritual sight.

Crown - "Jesus is King of Kings and Lord or Lords" Revelations 19:16. When we recognize who Jesus is we gain spiritual sight.

Bible - "Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ." Romans 10:17. When we read God's words and believe we receive spiritual sight.

Cross - "Jesus gave his life for you on the cross so you live in righteousness." 1 Peter 2:24. When we understand how Jesus died for our sins and ask for forgiveness we gain spiritual sight.

Heart - God loves you. He sent his own son to die for you so you might have eternal
life. - John 3:16. When we realize how much God loves us we gain spiritual sight.

Candle - "Jesus said, 'I am the light of the world.'" John 9:5. When we recognize Jesus as the light of the world we gain spiritual sight and no longer live in darkness.

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Jesus Heals My Blindness

Jesus Heals My Blindness Craft and Activity Sheet from www.daniellesplace.com

This craft goes along with the Sunday school lesson "Jesus Heals the Blind Man" on The Resource Room.

Member's Jesus Heals My Blindness Craft and Activity Sheet Pattern3



Is it Spiritual or Physical Blindness?

Before class print out the eyes and heart pictures and cut them out. You can also glue them to craft sticks. Make a set for each child.

Member's Spiritual or Physical Blindness Pattern4

In class tell your children that you are going to tell them part of the story and they should put up either the eye for physical blindness or the heart representing spiritual blindness for each thing you say.


1. The blind man that Jesus and his disciples passed as they walked. The children should put up both the eyes and heart since the blind man was both spiritually and physically blind.



Miracles - Jesus Walks on Water or Jesus Calms the Storm

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Miracles - Peter Finds a Coin in the Mouth of a Fish


Go to the Miracles - Peter Finds a Coin in a Fishes Mouth Craft Page



Miracles - Peter Heals the Lame Man

Peter Heals the Lame Man Cup Craft from www.danielllesplace.com
Peter Heals the Lame Man - Walking, Leaping, and Praising God! Bible Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

See Peter Heals the Lame Man Crafts and Bible Games Page.



Miracles - Jesus Turns Water into Wine


Make "Water to Wine Pots"

Jesus turns water into wine paper craft

What you will need:

Brown Construction Paper 12" x 9"

Light Blue and Purple or Red Tissue Paper

Glue Sticks


Colored Pencils


How to make:

1. Before class cut the construction paper in half lengthwise to make sheets 12" x 6". Cut those pieces in half to make 6" x 4 1/2".

2. Roll the sheets up and staple them together to make tubes. (You could also use TP rolls.)

3. Staple or glue six tubes "pots" together.

4. Print out the water and wine labels, make copies, and cut they apart. (Patterns available to members on The Resource Room.)

Member's Water to Wine Pots Pattern8

5. Cut the tissue paper into 6-inch squares.

6. In class place glue around the inside rim of the tubes and have your children crinkle up the tissue paper and stick them inside the tubes. Make sure they place all the purple tissue paper on one side and all the blue tissue paper on the other. (If you don't want to use glue, you can place pieces of double sided tape inside the rims of the tubes before class.)

7. Have your children color the labels and glue one to each side of the tubes. Make sure that when the purple tissue paper is on top the wine label is readable, and when the blue "water" side is up the water label can be read.

Many of the ideas for this lesson were sent in by Theresa Bostick. She made veils for the girls to wear on their heads using white 1/4" elastic and white netting and bow-ties for the boys to wear around their necks using black 1/4" elastic, Velcro and black felt. She also took a group wedding picture. Thanks, Theresa for all the great ideas.



Water Water Wine Game

This is a game that I remember playing when I was in children's church over 20 years ago. Instead of saying duck, duck, goose, have the children say water, water, wine. This is an easy way to reinforce Jesus' first miracle of him turning the water into wine. I use it with my 1 and 2 year olds now and they love it.



Lessons about Jesus Turning Water into Wine on The Resource Room

Wedding picture

1. The week before this lesson send out wedding invitations to your students.

2. Decorate your room with wedding shower decorations or have the children who arrive early help.

3. In class have your students decorate wedding cupcakes.



Play a Bible Verse Memory Game

Go over the Bible verse several times so that the children can say it without help. Have the children all stand in a large circle. Give a child a beanbag or other object. Play like hot potato. When you start the music the children start passing the beanbag, but they must first say the verse before they pass it. For young children use just the last part of the verse ("He cares about what happens to you."). When the music stops the child who is holding the bean bag must sit down. You can also have more than one bean bag going around the circle at the same time.

You can also play by having the children pass the beanbag until the music stops. The child who is holding the beanbag must say the Bible verse.



Wedding Dress Contest

Break the children up into teams of three or four. Give each team a roll of TP and have them dress up one of their team members as a bride. Have the children vote on which bride looks the best.

You will find more ideas for this lesson on The Resource Room.

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Miracles - Jesus Heals a Paralytic


See Bible Themes - Bear One Another's Burdens



Talk About First Aid Supplies

Bring in a variety of supplies from a typical first aid box, Band-Aids, gauze, aspirin, etc. Let the children discuss them; what they are used for, etc. Then talk about how Jesus can help you feel better when you are sick or hurt. Discuss how Jesus wants us to be well, not sick, just like our parents. Use this to start discussing the healing miracles Jesus did.



Blind Man

Blindfold them and lead around the room. Have them try to touch their toes, scratch their nose, tie their shoes, etc. with the blindfold on. Then take them off and do same activities.



Jesus Healing the Sick

Have the children lay down like they are sick in bed. One teacher comes in, kneels beside each child and recites the words Jesus healed Jairus' daughter. They can do this for each other, and help each other up off the floor.



Bandage Relay

For primary ages, do a "bandage relay". Two teams, have them try to wrap or unwrap each other from gauze wrap, ace bandages, etc. Or give them each a stack of Band-Aids and have them unwrap and stick them on each other in a certain amount of time.



Play a Memory Game

For primary ages, take a tray of first aid supplies and let them look at it for one minute. Remove several objects and have them try to tell what is missing.



Miracles - Jesus Feeds the 5,000


The Big Picnic Sunday School Lesson on The Resource Room



Miracles - Jesus Heals the Ten Lepers


"Don't Forget to Say Thank You"

Jesus heals the Ten Lepers Bible Craft for Kids www.daniellesplace.com

This lesson comes from The Resource Room. A Free Sample Lesson is Also Available

In this lesson Children learn that it is important to tell Jesus how thankful they are. He likes be thanked just like we do when we do.

Younger children make leper paper dolls to act out the story as a poem is being read.

Older children make paper doll puppets to use in a show about the lesson.

All ages will enjoy playing a "Musical Chairs" game in which they have to say something they are thankful for when they sit on a certain chair. Click on the link to get your free sample lesson.

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Children's Book About Miracles



Memory Cross