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Bible Crafts Including: Labor Day, Lazarus, Leprosy, Light,
Lord's Prayer, Mary and Martha, and Mother's Day


Labor Day Sunday School Lesson
Crafts and Activities


Work for the Lord Sunday School Lesson

The Israelites Build the Tabernacle - The Israelites used their talents and wealth to build a temple for God. God gives everyone special abilities and wants us to use our talents to work for him. God wants us to work hard at whatever we are doing, not for the praise of men, but of the Lord. The following Crafts and Activities come from the Sunday School Lesson, "Work for the Lord" on The Resource Room


Talk About Work

Ask your children what jobs their parents have. Ask them what they would like to do when they grow up.



Make a Craft Stick Picture of the Ark of the Covenant

What you will need: Jumbo, mini, and regular-sized craft sticks, round 1" wood pieces, gold trim, and gold spray paint or acrylic paint.

How to Make the Ark of the Covenant:

sunday school Ark of the Covenant bible craft


1. A pattern for this craft is available to members of The Resource Room.

sunday school Ark of the Covenant bible craft

2. In class have your children glue the craft sticks on the paper. Then glue on some gold trim to finish.

If you have preschool children or don't have the mini craft stick, you can use this easier pattern. This activity sheet only uses the jumbo and regular-sized craft sticks. A pattern for this craft is available to members of The Resource Room.

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Make a Replica of the Ark of the Covenant (Older Children)

sunday school ark of the Covenant box bible craft

What you will need:

Small boxes such as jewelry boxes

Gold Paint

Gold Trim

Gold Paper

Skinny Craft Sticks or straws

Small Ttwigs


How to Make the Ark of the Covenant:

1. Paint a small box, inside and out, with gold paint. Paint craft sticks gold and then glue them to the box to make the poles.

2. Print out the angel patterns or draw angels or onto gold paper, cut them out, and then glue them onto the top of the "ark". A pattern for this craft is available to members of The Resource Room.

3. Glue gold trim around the top of the box.

4. Make the Ten Commandment tablets out of white clay, and the bowl out of gold Fimo clay, and place them in the box. Place a small stick in the box to represent Aaron's rod. For more information about the Ark of the Covenant go to this page http://www.domini.org/tabern/arkcovnt.htm

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Play "Important Jobs" Charades Game

Place your children into teams of twos and give each child a piece of paper with a description of the work being performed. Let the teams take turns acting out the scene and have the other children guess what they are doing. Remind your children that they can't say anything while they are acting. (If you have very young children, have older children or adults act out the scenarios and let the children guess what they are doing.)

Note: My first grade class did an excellent job on acting out the jobs and guessing what they were. I gave them a few ideas of what they could do before they started.

1.Teacher teaching a student.

2.Doctor examining a patient.

3.Window washers.

4.Taxi car driver taking someone some place.

5.Office workers answering phones and typing.

6.Fast food worker and customer.

7.Grocery store clerk and someone buying food.

8.Garbage men picking up trash.

9.Delivery truck driver delivering package to home.

10.Repair man coming to a person's home to repair something.

11.Construction workers building a house.

12.Assembly line workers.

13.Cooks in a fast food restaurant.

14.Lifeguard and a swimmer.

15.Police officer arresting someone.

16.Crossing guard and student.

17.Mother feeding baby a bottle and burping the baby.

18.Gymnastics instructor and student.

19.Coach and student.

20.Farmer feeding animals.

21.Firemen fighting a fire.

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Work for the Lord Color Sheets

These color sheets are available on The Resource Room.



Lazarus or Leprosy Bible Lesson Crafts and
Activities Ideas


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Light Sunday School
Craft and Activity Ideas


"Let it Shine!" Paper Plate Craft

"Let it Shine!" Candle Holder and Candle Paper Plate Craft from www.daniellesplace.com Copyright 2014

What you will need:

Lunch-size Paper Plates

Yellow Cupcake Liners

Construction Paper

Glue Sticks

Crayons and/or Water Color Paint




How to Make:

1. To make the candle holder cut a paper plate in half and them cut a sliver off the bottom to make it flat as shown in the picture. Use the other half of the paper plate to make the handle. Color and then paint the paper plate candle holder.

2. Cut the candle and flame shape from construction paper.

3. Flatten a cupcake liner and glue it to a piece of black construction paper.

4. Glue the flame and candle shape over the cupcake holder liner as shown in the picture.

5. Glue the paper plate "candle holder" on top and write "Let it Shine!" on the candle holder.

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"I'm the Light of the World" Scratch Art Pictures

Light of the World Scratch art Picture

What you will need:

Scratch Art Paper

Multi-Purpose Stylus Stick

Paper and Pencils


What to do:

1. Have your children draw a design and write the Bible verse on white paper with pencils.

2. When they are happy with their design have them place the paper on top of the scratch art paper and trace it with a pen or pencil so that they can see it on the scratch art paper.

3. Us the sylus to scratch off the design. Hang the finished picture on a window or glass door so the light shines through.

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Lighthouse Crafts

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sunday school lighthouse bible craft
Starfish Lighthouse Frame
Paper Lighthouse Craft
Perch Rock Lighthouse Craft
Perch Rock Lighthouse Cup Craft




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Mary and Martha - Sunday School
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Mother's Day Bible Lesson, Crafts, and Games


Mothers Day Crafts

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sunday school Memory Cross bible crafat